Friday, July 11, 2008

So its been a while....

Yea, so I'm a bad blogger. And apparently people actually read this (I'm serious - who knew?). And I'm sorry to the people who I told I would update this a while ago. Clearly, I did not. Oops. So to make up for that, this will be a longer then usual post (I'll try to re-cap what I can from the last 2 weeks).

The official pictures from the Philly Tri are up! Check them out at the link below:

My bib number was 629. There are some pictures that are not me (not sure how they ended up in there), but the rest look pretty good.

I did my first long ride over the GW Bridge on the 28th. Meet the team in the park and then headed up. We rode over the bridge and along 9W to Piermont and back. Did a total of 48 miles, my longest ride to date. I felt good during the ride, but I am sooo not a fan of riding over the GW. I've run over it before and was fine with that, but riding over it was whole different experience. I kept having visions of me falling of the bridge. But, I took it slow and made it out and back. And hopefully the next time I do it, it won't be so terrifying.

That Sunday (6/29), I did a long run with the team, which went well despite it being ungodly hot out. I also went for a short, easy swim.

Monday's are rapidly becoming one of my favorite days of the week since they tend to be recovery days. I did some stretching and used the foam roller (I am still pretty inflexible/tight despite all my efforts).

Tuesday was our speed workout. We did a tempo run that mimicked the course of the NYC Triathlon (which is next weekend). I'm not doing the tri this year because of a family wedding, but it is good practice since I am planning on doing it next year.

The rest of the week I did strength training, 2 rides, a brick, and lots of swimming. I felt like I was becoming a fish by the end of the week. I also did a long-ish run on Sunday morning. As it was the 4th, I was able to be lazy and catch up on my sleep (well, some of the days I did). Monday (7/7) was another recovery day.

This week has been a lower volume week, but the intensity has definitely been higher. Tuesday night I did a 30-minute time trial. Wednesday I did a strength workout. Thursday morning I did a ride in the park. I had a really good ride - felt really comfortable and strong on the bike. I can finally feel the strength workout paying off - Harlem Hill was easier to do then usual.

Today I am doing a time trial in the pool, tomorrow one on the bike and Sunday another running time trial.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Philly pic

Here's another pic from the Terrier Team dinner at Philly:

Me, Shannon, Jen and Robert (Terrier Head Coach)

I am sore and tired...

So I am definitely a little sore from last nights workout...we did Harlem Hill repeats. I don't mind hills (they make you stronger), but after 7 of them at 90% effort, my body was tired. Plus, then I still have to get home (Harlem Hill is NOT near my apartment at all). Needless to say, it was a long workout. And I got up this morning and did a brick (17 mile ride, about 1.5 mile run).

I know, I'm a crazy person.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Official race pictures aren't up yet, but here are some my friend Shannon took of me on Sunday:

Heading into the finish:

All done! (I'm such a dork I know)

Philly Tri!

I finished the Philly tri this weekend! YAY! I am beyond excited to have finished and am pretty happy with my time as well. It was a ton of fun. I was a little nervous going into it (as it was my first), but not as nervous as I was before my first marathon. I went down on Saturday afternoon with some friends from Terrier. Upon arriving, we went straight to the "expo" to pick up our numbers. Got our numbers and went and checked out transition. Then, we went back to the hotel, checked in and chilled for a bit before dinner. We had a Terrier team dinner (which was a ton of fun!) and then it was back to the hotel. Since I had to get up at 4am the next morning, I was in bed by 9pm.

The race started at 7am on Sunday. I was in the 4th swim wave. The swim went well. The water was very nice - not too cold. After the swim, it was time to bike. The bike was 2 loops of the same course. The course was definitely very technical with a couple of steep climbs, but by the second loop I was able to anticipate them better. Then it was time for the run. I had a rough T2 - I got a little confused coming off the bike. Kinda forgot what I was supposed to be doing, lol. The run went well. I was definitely drained, but was still able to run a 9:00 pace.

All in all, I was very excited for the race. Spoke with Coach Josh yesterday and he was really pleased with my time, (especially since he didn't taper me at all). Now just the half-ironman in August!!!

Times for Sunday are below:
Swim (.93 miles) - 30:51
T1 - 2:57
Bike (24.5 miles) - 1:30:03 (16.5 MPH)
T2 - 2:15
Run: 55:48 (9:00 pace)

Total: 3:01:55

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Philly Tri

This weekend is the Philadelphia Olympic Triathlon. I can't believe its here already. I remember registering for it in December and thinking it sounded so far off. So much has changed since then (in a good way). I feel ready and prepared. I am driving down with some friends (my bike is going on the Terrier trailer). We are having a team dinner on Saturday, which will be fun, and then the race is on Sunday!

I'll update next week with details! YAY!

Busy Week

I've had a busy week and half of training. Both Tuesdays I had running. We've been working on speed work, which just wipes me out for the next day. I went for a ride on both Wednesdays (yay!) and did a brick both Thursday AMs. The bricks are getting a little easy each week - I think it depends on how recovered I am from the run. This past Tuesdays run was a little tough, so my legs are still tired. Last Saturday I did a 36 mile bike ride and a 9 mile run on Sunday.

Monday was a really interesting day. I did a bike assessment with my coach. They put your bike on a trainer which is attached to a computer and the computer controls the resistance (so it can make it harder simulating hills, etc). The reason we did it was to analyse my leg strength and spin. I did a course of Central Park. It was definitely weird to be biking and not moving. But definitely worth it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My friend Peter tooks lots of pictures at this weekends Sprint.

Check 'em out below:

Sprint Tri recap

So, my first ever triathlon was this weekend. It was awesome! I was really nervous as we drove up there (like really nervous - I think last week's open water swim freaked me out). But it was awesome!

Luckily, it was pretty close to the city (about 40 mins north), so we were able to drive up there that morning. Once we got there, we double checked our tire pressure and then went to set up our transition areas. Put my bike on the rack, set out all my gear (cycling shoes, glasses, helmet, running shoes, hat). Coach Josh had explained how I should set it up, so luckily that was easy.

Then we went and got "marked". In other words, they take a permanent marker and write your race number on your arm. Which I don't quite understand since it wore off almost entirely from my wetsuit.

About 15 minutes before the race, we put our wetsuits on. It went on much easier then last week (thank god!). Then I did one final check of my transition and went to the beach. Got in the water to get a feel of the tempature and my wetsuit and swam a few yards. Thats when all my nerves went away and I started to get excited.

When my swim wave started, I was super excited. The swim went much better then last week! The water was warmer and not as intimidating (even though there were 400+ other people in the water). I swam most of it, but definitely took a few breathers to do the breathe stroke. Was really exciting when I could get out of the water!

After the swim I ran to the transition while starting to take off my wetsuit (unzip, pull of arms). Got to transition and pulled the rest of the wetsuit off (which for some reason I find super easy!). Then I put on my race number, sunglasses and helmet (a must!). Dried off my feet and slipped into my cycling shoes. And off I went.

The bike course was hilly (like they said it would be), but I had no idea HOW hilly it really would be. And of course, I made it harder. I discovered on the bike course, that I could not switch into first gear (the easiest gear); I don't find CP that hard, so I never switch into that gear. So I ended up doing all the hills in a much harder gear then most people. Despite that, I still managed to pass people (which felt really cool to do). I also rode almost all of the course in my aerobars; something I don't do a lot in CP since its so crowded, but on the course felt natural.

When I pulled into the transition, I have never been so excited! I felt awesome coming off my bike. Ramon (my TNT running coach and one of the people we came with) was already finished, so he was there cheering me on. Made the 2nd transition really quick: just slipped on my shoes (yay speed laces) and threw on my hat and off I went.

The run was 3 miles and it felt great. The first 5 mins my legs were adjusting to being off the bike, but they got back in the groove for running really quickly. By the time I came back into the park for the finish I was so excited! Crossing the finish line was super exciting and made me so pumped for Philly (which is in less then 2 weeks)!

I am pretty happy about my time (esp the bike one since I did it in a hard gear, lol). I don't really know if they are good times or not, but I don't really care. The goal of this race wasn't for time. It was to learn and get ready for my big race in August. My times are below:

Swim: 18:26.2
Transition 1: 2:58.3
Bike: 1:06:50.5 (14.1 MPH)
Transition 2: 49.5 (whoa, thats fast!)
Run: 24:54.6 (8:18 pace)

Total: 1:53:58.58

My new PR for Sprint distance Tri's!

Monday, June 2, 2008

New York City Half Marathon

NYRR posted the lottery results of the NYC Half Marathon this weekend (its so popular they have to do a lottery and last year I didn't get in); but this year I got in! I am super excited! It's on July 27th. Awesome!


Ok, so its been a while since I've posted. Oops, sorry! Let me give a brief re-cap of the past couple of weeks.

Shoes - I clipped in for the first time 2 weeks ago. My friend Peter helped me learn how. It was definitely a weird feeling. My feet were attached to the pedals! Was able to grasp the concept pretty easily, so thats good. I've gone on a couple of rides clipped in, which has been exciting.

Brick - Did my first brick last week. A brick is a bike followed by a run. That is the weirdest sensation in the world. You feel like you're going to fast on the bike and then I felt like I was crawling when I started running (my legs also felt like they had lead weights in them). Definitely a good thing to practice.

Open water swim - We had an open water swim clinic this past weekend. Oh my god. It was freaky. I've never really swam in open water before - it was terrifying. The waves, the current, swallowing salt water, the whole feeling of a wetsuit. I felt much better by the end of the clinic but still not comfortable. Glad I was able to get in the water before this weekend....

Which brings me to this Sunday. I decided (kinda) spur of the moment to sign up for a sprint triathlon with some friends. It will be my first tri ever! It's exciting, but also nerve wracking. Luckily, the swim takes place in a lake (so hopefully it won't be as choppy). I am nervous about the bike though. Apparently, there is a really bike hill. I hope I can make it up it and not fall off my bike. Oy vey!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A while

Ok, so its been a while since I posted. Not too much has been going on. Took the week of after NJ to recover and pack (I moved last weekend). Last week was pretty good training wise. Had a solid temp run on Tuesday night and did lots of xtraining and strectching during the week. Coach Josh said I looked much more loose then the week before (thank god).

This past weekend I did a long ride on Saturday morning with the team. Rode with Coach Andreas and he gave me lots of pointers, which was helpful. Did about 19 miles total. This week I am going to clip in for the first time! My friend Peter is going to meet me and help me do it. Wish me luck!

Sunday I did a long run - nothing super long, about 8.5 miles. Slowly building up my mileage. I also had swimming Sunday night. Did 2,900 yards total - about 1.65 miles! Felt great the whole time!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NJ Half Picture

Here is a picture my friend Melissa took of me running. I'm in my new Terrier singlet. I'm the one with the dog on her back :)

NJ Half Recap

So this past weekend was the Long Branch (NJ) Half Marathon. I did really well! I was a little worried going in because my training hadn't been super consistent and we only started doing speed work a little bit ago. And it had really been a while since I'd raced a long distance and my last 2 halfs (Disney and Manhattan) weren't my best results. So I went in with a "Lets just go out and run and see what happens" attitude. It must have worked!

I didn't want to go out to fast and crash at the end, so I kept telling myself to slow down and keep it at a nice and easy/consistent pace. I definitely didn't feel like I was pushing myself too hard, but was still managing to run sub-9 minute miles (something I normally don't do - or haven't done in the past!). I was able to keep semi-consistent splits (time per mile), which I am really happy with. Felt really good the entire time. Towards the end started to tire out a bit, but managed to keep my splits pretty consistent. I am also pretty proud that my fastes mile was Mile 13.

My finishing time was 1:54:45 - an 8:45 pace! And a new PR by 5 minutes! I can check one thing off my new years resolutions! But I am totally going to add it back on, because I wanna beat it again :)

And, believe it or not, I went for a bike ride on Saturday morning, so I wasn't on 100% fresh legs. I wonder if my time would have been faster if I had been.

Below are my splits from the race:

Mile 1 - 9:07
" 2 -8:47
" 3 -8:39
" 4 - 8:41
" 5 -8:42
" 6 - 8:38
" 7 - 8:38
" 8 - 8:42
" 9 - 8:55
" 10 - 8:35
" 11 - 9:05
" 12 - 8:51
" 13 - 8:33
" .1 - :51

Friday, May 2, 2008

Busy Week

Been bit of a busy week. Tuesday night was run practice; worked on sprints and form. Got yelled (not really yelled at, lol) for being inflexible and was told to stretch. Lots. I've been trying to and I'm going to find a yoga class to do once a week as well.

Last night was swim. We did 2,520. Felt good. It was bitter sweet because it is my last swim practice on Thursday nights. Being moved into the intermediate group. Which is exciting. But I liked my Thursday night swims. Although, now I'll be able to do spin on Thursday which is exciting!

This weekend is the Half. Should be interesting... Let you know how it goes on Monday.

Also trying to get in a ride this weekend. Weather looks questionable right now, so keep your fingers crossed for non-rainy weather.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Week in review

So been a week since I updated. Last Tuesday was Hill repeats. Always something I love, lol. Thursday night was swimming - had a great practice. Swam 2,760 - my longest yet! Felt really strong and fast. Coach Megan said I am ready to be moved to the next group! Holy crap!

Didn't get a run or a ride in this weekend. I was visiting some family in Chicago. This weekend is the NJ Half Marathon, but I am still planning on doing a ride on Saturday. Pray for no flat tires!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great weekend run

So, I had a really great run this past weekend. I wanted to get in a semi-long run, so prior to my race, I did 2 lower loops. I kept it easy, but still ran at a faster then 10:00 per mile pace, which I was pretty psyched about. Then I did the adidas Run for the Parks (4M). Had a really great race. Ran an 8:18 per mile pace!!! I have never run that fast before! I am super excited!

Tonight is my Terrier Run - we are doing hill repeats. Woohoo. Fun, right?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Long Swim

Thursday nights are usually my long Terrier swims. I couldn't go last night because of a good friends b-day party. Coach Megan sent me a workout to do on my own. I was good and got up this morning and went. Did a total of 2,000 yards which translates to 1.14 miles. A little shorter then my usual long swims, but I was on a time limit.

Going on a ride early tomorrow morning. My mom is coming in, so I can't go for too long, but just want to get out of the bike.

Running the adidas Run for the Parks on Sunday morning with Jenny. It's a 4M race, so I am going to go early and do 4 miles before then.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Midweek Swim

Was a good trainee this morning and got up early to go for a swim. Took a bit to get out of bed, so I didn't get as much in as I should have, but was still able to get 20 mins in (800 yards) before work. Did a quick warmup and then some drills, followed by some swimming. I tried to focus on my form and the things we discussed in the swim clinic.

Tuesday Night Workout

Had a great speed workout last night. We did 800 meter (1/2 mile) repeats. We did the 800 at 85-90% and then an 800 meter recovery. We did 4 of these total (4 miles). Had a good workout. See below for my times:

85-90% Recovery
3.29.95 5.05.98
3.45.95 4.44.92
3.41.12 5.02.75
3.40.71 5.02.89 (also cooldown) + 2.07.16

Total time: 36.41.12 - 8.37 overall pace

Monday, April 14, 2008

Huge dork

I think you all know by now that I am a huge dork when it comes to races. I like to buy lots of t-shirts/jackets/shorts, etc from events.

Case in point....

My NYC Marathon 08 In-Training shirt. I love it.

Excellent weekend

I had a great weekend on training. The weather kept threating rain, but it never ended up raining. On Friday, I had my last Jack Rabbit swim class. I am so glad they are over! My fridays are free again!

Saturday I went for a long ride with Shannon. Despite a brief mishap (oops, flat tire), I got 23 miles in. Felt awesome! I was super psyched (albeit exhausted afterwards).

On Sunday, I did my long run. Got a solid 12 miles in and felt the best I had in a long time doing it.

This week I am hoping to keep the momentum up!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Great swim

I had a great swim last night! All the work we did at the Swim Analysis last weekend really seemed to help. I felt much better in the water and much stronger (and faster!). I could really tell when I would lose my form and the difference. Did a total of 2,520 yards (1.43 miles!) and of that 1,600 was almost consecutive (.90 mi). Coach Megan even told me how much better I looked in the water. What a great workout.

Anyways, apparently we get our video's of us swimming in the water from the clinic. I'll post when I do.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good week

Got a good week of training in. On Monday, I did an easy 3 mile run at a 9:45 pace. I was going to try to go swimming as well Monday night, but wasn't able to get it in. On Tuesday night, I had a Terrier workout. We did Tempo intervals. I had a surprisingly good run. Really pushed myself as opposed to making reasons why I should run slower. Pretty happy with the workout. Last night I just did a light active recovery workout. Tonight is my Terrier swim.

This weekend going to go for a bike ride. Shannon and I are going to meet on Saturday morning and do some loops of the park. Pray for no rain!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Solid weekend

Had a great weekend of training! Finally got out for a bike ride =) It was a gorgeous day. Unfortunately, they cancelled team workout bc it was supposed to rain, but it didn't and was perfect weather! I did about 12.5 miles, which I am really happy about. It was also my first time riding with traffic (scary!). Felt good on the bike - discovered I need to buy some gloves and sunglasses - its bright out there!

Then I had my swim analysis in the afternoon. It was really helpful. My main problem is in my pull - everything else is good (body position, kick, etc). I'm going to go for a swim tonight and work on everything.

I also went to the Running Company and Spencer helped me find some shoes. Going to go for a run on the treadmill tonight before my swim to test them out.

Yesterday, was, unfortunately, not as nice, but I still went out for a run. Got about 11.3 miles in (which is actually farther then I thought I had run, so that's good!).

All in all, a good weekend!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Swim Analysis

This weekend I am doing an underwater swim analysis with the Terrier's. They videotape you swimming underwater and then can correct things that are wrong, either body placement, stroke, etc. I am very excited about this!

In addition to that, I have a very busy weekend! Going to go for a ride - hoping tomorrow morning, but its supposed to be raining, so if so, I'll go on Sunday. Swim analysis on Sat. afternoon, and a long run on Sunday. I am also planning on stopping by the Running Company and having Coach Spencer help me find some shoes. The Mizuno's I bought in January just aren't really working anymore for me.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Unintentional week off...

So I was planning on going to Tuesday night run and getting on ride in...but of course that didn't happen. My lease is up soon and we've been apartment hunting, so that interferred with training this week - but no worries! We found a place, so no more apartment hunting! We are really excited - and its close to Central Park! That is what I am most excited about. And there is an Equinox only 2 blocks away (literally), so that is awesome as well (for when I join).

Monday, March 31, 2008

Scotland 10k

I like to think that everytime we run, we learn something new (about ourselves, Central Park, etc - click here for previous lessons learned).

This weekend I ran the Scotland 10k in Central Park. That's 6.2 miles. I ran it with Jenny. Luckily it was at 10am, so I didn't have to get up too early. The race went ok. On Saturday night was my friend Jaclyn's birthday (10 points if you know where I am going with this), and despite my best efforts, I drank slightly more then I should have. Incidentally, didn't feel 100% on Sunday morning. Surprisingly though, I did not run as badly as I imagined. The first 2 miles were rough, but then I got in the groove and felt fine. Ended up running a 1:00:17 - 9:43 pace per mile. Not great, but considering my state, not bad.

Lesson learned: running a 10k in CP does not cure a hangover!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bike gear

Got some stuff for my bike that I'd been needing. Went to Toga - we get a Terrier Discount there (and they are super nice and helpful!) I finally got a bike pump, so now I never need to worry about my tires not have pressure (and he showed me how to use it, which was helpful). I also got a saddle bag (to carry my spare tube, tire lever and tools in, plus money, license, etc). And I bought a CO2 cartridge for flats on the road. Good bit of supplies in :) Hoping its nice this weekend and I'll be able to get a ride in.

Tuesday night run

Last night was my Terrier run. It was a little colder out then I would have liked - I feel like its almost April, why isn't it warmer? Although, come August, I'll be praying for the cold air! Anyways...

Last night, was a good workout. We did drills and pushups before our run. Did a mini farlek workout. Base run for 20 mins followed by 4 x 1:00 at 85% with 3 minutes at 65% in between, followed by a 20 min base pace. Felt good!

I'm running the Scotland 10k this weekend with Jenny. Although, I'm supposed to run long, so I think I am going to go and run 4 miles before the race. That's the plan at least.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mt Penn Mudfest Recap

So, this weekend I ran the Mt. Penn Mudfest. It was interesting to say the least. It was much harder then I anticipated - the course was not like what I imagined. In some sections, it was more like hiking up a mountain - literally, you could not even run. Let me give you a breakdown of the morning:

8:15am - Put my stuff in the car, think to myself, its not as cold out as I anticipated, awesome.
8:24am - Pulling out of the driveway, I realize there are small white things falling from the sky. Yes, its snowing
9:35am - Pull into Rotary Park where the Mudfest is taking place and its still snowing. Also realize its only 28 degrees out. Begin to think I'm insane
10:05am - Waiting for the race to start, it starts snowing harder - think white out conditions
10:10am - Race starts in snow. Awesome.

The race was much more then running. At points, you were required to climb over or under fallen trees, around roots and rocks and through 4 rivers. I am not kidding about that last part. I knew there were "water crossings", but I assumed (foolishly), it would mean sticking your toe in the water, while you crossed on rocks. Nope. They were ACTUAL rivers. Like 5 feet weight and 3 feet deep. And no way to get across without getting wet. Nothing like jumping in a river in the snow :) Surprisingly, not as cold as I imagined it to be, lol.

Never the less, it was a lot of fun. Not sure I would do it again (at least not when its so cold out), but a fun experience. I took some pictures, so I will try and post them soon.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Mt. Penn Mudfest this weekend!

It's here! The Mt. Penn Mudfest is tomorrow! I am getting excited! I still have my concerns regarding the weather, but I am trying not to panic about it (full forecast:

Last night was my Terrier Swim Workout. Got a really good workout in - did about 2,560 yards (1.45 miles) with 1,500 continuous (almost .93). Felt really good in the water and that I got an excellent workout in.

I'll update on Monday regarding the Mudfest!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Run Workout

Last night was a Terrier Run practice. I enjoy our run practices (I enjoy them right now - I'm not so sure I'll enjoy them as much when we start doing hills and speed work). Last night we did drills and an easy base run with 6 :30 speed pickups to start working the fast twitch muscles in our legs. Ran about 5.25 miles. Felt good!

Just checked the weather for this weekend's race. Apparently there is a chance of snow showers or rain. Just what you want for a TRAIL race =( Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't snow or rain!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Disney Half Marathon

So, Jenny and I signed up to do the Disney Half Marathon again next year! Already looking forward to some warm weather and sunshine in January! Last year we didn't sign up until the end of April (after the NJ Marathon) and when we did it was 65% sold out. We signed up last month for next year b/c we already knew we were going to run it. I just checked the website - it's already sold out! How crazy is that?

i know, i know...

I did not get to run this weekend. I know, I know... don't even ask. I'm super annoyed with myself because I don't even have a good reason for it. I've just been in a funk and I can't seem to snap out of it. I'm headed home this weekend for the Mt. Penn Mudfest (which I definitely don't feel as prepared as I would have like without a run this past weekend) and I am hoping getting out of the city will snap me out of my funk and get me back to normal.

This week I have Terrier run on Tuesday night and Terrier swim on Thursday. Going to focus on the gym the other days: elliptical and bike, plus some abs/BOSU work.

Tonight is Terrier retail night :) Going to purchase my first official uniform for the Terriers! I'll post pictures as soon as I can!

Friday, March 14, 2008


So I know its been a while since I've un-motivated week continued into the weekend. I decided not to do a long run at all. I was feeling sick again and just wanted to rest. I think it was a good idea. I was much more ready to workout this week because of it. On Monday I did some solid cross training at the gym. Then on Tuesday, I worked out with the Terrier for a run workout. We did drills and a 60 minute base run. Coach Josh talked about our long runs and doing them. He said unless we're sick there's no excuse. Yea, yea. Thanks Josh :)

Then on Wednesday, I did more cross training (elliptical and bike), plus some BOSU trainer work focusing on abs and inner thighs and some additional abs work (planks, ball situps, etc). I really enjoy doing stuff on the BOSU trainer - I feel like it really makes you work. Don't know what a BOSU trainer is? It's like half a balance call with a plank on it (don't think that really described it, lol, so here's a picture:

Thursdays are usually Terrier swim nights, but the pool was closed this week for cleaning, so we had a dryland swim clinic - exercises to do to strengthing shoulders. Was good. Tonight I have my JackRabbit swim class so I'll still get some pool time in.
This weekend is St. Paddy's day (ok, so its actually Monday, but we're celebrating this weekend). Because I know I am going to be hungover on Sunday and won't get a run in, I'm going to force myself to get up tomorrow morning and do a run. It's going to be hard, but I have to do it. If I don't, all I'll hear in my head in a small voice is Coach Josh telling me to run!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Taking a rest week...

I know its been some time since I updated, but I'm having an unmotivated week, so I am taking it as a rest week. It's always good in long term training to take a week off of running and just recover, so thats what I am doing. For me, its more of a mental recovery - getting ready for the intense training thats going to start soon. I've just been exhausted this week and wanted to rest. I did workout still though, including a bike ride on Monday night (it was gorgeous outside, I couldn't rest). I also did some swimming - my JackRabbit swim class workout. And last night was my Terrier swim class. Had a good workout out - swam a total of 1.37. Our main set was 1,600 yds hard - almost .93 of a mile (olympic distance swim). Felt good afterwards. I always love my Terrier workouts. Everyone is so nice and we have a good time. A couple of us have been talking about possibly doing a tri together.

This weekend going to do a long run and rest. Nothing special planned :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008


My team at work went bowling last night and I am soooore today. Awesome. Not what I wanted on a swim practice day (but bowling was lots of fun!). Tonight is Terrier Swim Team and tomorrow morning is Bootcamp. Not much else going on. Going to try and get a nice and good long run in this weekend. Its supposed to be nice on Sunday, so thats good.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crappy Weather in NY

So this weekends plans got derailed a bit by the crappy weather. The Snowflake 4M was changed to a "fun run" because of the snow. I choose not to run it. It was gross out and I (selfishly) wanted to sleep in. Instead, I went to the gym and did some cross training.

Sunday morning is the Terrier Team run, which I also choose not to do. I woke up and was all for it, until I realized it was only 21 degrees outside. I love to run, but I like not to freeze more. Instead I went on Sunday afternoon when the weather was more favorable (40 degrees).

And today, it is raining out. I was going to try and get a workout in CP in, but unless its like 80+ degrees out, I don't like to run in the rain. Instead, I'll go to the gym and do a hill workout on the treadmill.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend Run?

So, if you haven't looked at the weather lately, its snowing in NYC. We are supposed to get like 5-8 inches! It's crazy. Started sometime this early AM - was already snowing when my alarm went off for Terrier Bootcamp (cross-training). Given the weather I figured class was cancelled (and I was correct, it was). But, I am supposed to run a NYRR race tomorrow morning - and they say its still supposed to be snowing then. Fun. Ironically, the race is called the Snowflake 4M. Wonder on how many years its actually snowing on race day?

Terrier Swim Last Night

Had Terrier swim last night. It was a good workout - swam a total of 2240 yards, which equals 1.27 miles! Over 1.2 (the length of the Timberman swim!). I felt pumped afterwards. Coach Megan gave us some shoulder exercises to work on to increase strength there. Definitely going to work on those.

Our Terrier swims take place at Equinox, which I love, but inevitably make me sad. If you don't Equionox, check out their website: They are just the nicest gyms: pretty, clean, well-lit, lots of classes and amenities. It depresses me when I have to go workout at my Y again. I am hoping come Spring/Summer to join. But for right now, I'll just enjoy my swims and drool everytime I see one.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tri club

As I mentioned, I joined a tri club here in the city. They are called Terrier Tri (yes, like the dog - thats actually there mascot). I really like it so far. I've gotten some good workouts in. Can't wait until it warms up and I can go biking with them. I am really excited for that.

Check 'em out online:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busy weekend

I've been busy at work, sorry I haven't updated lately.

Last week I attended my first official Terrier Tri workouts. I joined a triathlon club here in the city. Thursday night, I went to swim practice. They have several different swim classes based on level. Right now, I am in the beginner class, but our coach said he'll move me to intermediate soon. It was a good swim. The longest I had ever done yet - 1,800 yards - a little over 1 miles! Felt tired, but good.

On Friday morning, I got up and went to Terrier Bootcamp. In other words, an hour of intense cross training. Felt good doing it, but man was I exhausted afterwards. Definitely was sore the next day.

On Saturday, I went swimming. Did my Terrier Tri workout for the week - 1,600 yards. Insane! Another one of my longest swims.

Sunday was Terrier Tri group run. This was not at all what I expected. I assumed it would be like TNT. Everyone shows up, goes on there own run doing loops. Nope. We all ran together. When you were done your mileage or time, you just stopped. Plus, we didn't really run the loops - only a little. Most of the time we wandered throughout the park and on the trails. Since it was a group run, I definitely ran a little faster then I normally would. Assuming between a 9:15 and a 9:30. And it forced me to not stop when I got tired which I liked a lot. Had a great run and wasn't too exhausted afterwards. Did about 8 miles, which is exactly what I wanted to do. Felt great!

Yesterday, I took it easy. Went for a quick swim - 560 yards. Then I did a yoga later to stretch and relax. I just did this yoga video that I had, but I don't love it. I got a recommendation for Yoga for Triathletes, which I think I am going to buy.

Tonight there is a Terrier group run, but I think I am going to skip it and just do the gym. It's only like 35 degrees out and supposed to rain at some point. I've also been fighting the sniffles all weekend and think its in my best interest to stay in.

Monday, February 11, 2008

This weekend

I decided not to run the half-marathon this weekend. I was feeling a little sick and it was supposed to be rainy and cold, which I didn't think would help my cold. The weather ended up being nicer then forecasted, but I still think it was a good decision to take a weekend off from outdoor running. I pretty much slept the entire weekend and feel much better. I still was able to get a workout in.

Swim class was Friday night and we worked on stroke count. I felt good, but it was definitely an intense upper body workout. Saturday went for a swim and did laps. Sunday ran 6.5 miles on the treadmill, felt good. I also did some pilates.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Busy week

Had a busy week, but was still able to get some solid workouts in. On Monday night, I did the Jack Rabbit swim "homework" for the week. I am really starting to fall in love with swimming. I find it so relaxing (kinda like I do with yoga), but I still feel like I worked out. On Tuesday, I attempted to do a speed workout, but my knees were bothering me for some reason. So instead of having a crappy workout, I shortened it and took it easy and did some strength training. On Wednesday I decided to do my speed workout and it went very well. My knees felt fine and I got an excellent speed interval workout in.

Not sure what the plan is this weekend. I registered to do the Bronx Half Marathon, but am not sure whats going to happen. It's only supposed to be a high of 30 on Sunday and colder in the morning. I haven't been feeling super great and don't think its a great idea to be outside for 2 plus hours in that tempature. I think it might be a morning of game play decision. See what the temp is when I wake up and how I feel.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Good weekend

Before any running talk...YAY GIANTS!!!

So, anyways - had a good weekend of training. Swim class on Friday - went good. Then on Saturday, I went for a swim and a run. Felt good. Counted my pool lengths and swam over 1/2 a mile! Woohoo - halfway to 1.2! On Sunday was the NYRR Gridiron Classic 4M race in Central Park. It was gorgeous day for running - slightly colder then I would have liked, but still good. I didn't really "race" - when I finished I felt good and that I really could have pushed it more. I ran a 36:37 for a 9:09 mile pace.

I took full advantage of the nice day and went for a bike ride yesterday! It was my first "offical" bike ride on Ginny (my bike). It was really good :) Super happy!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

So short lived...

So my excitement over having found my running shoes was apparently short-lived. I got an email from them today saying they were out of stock, but could offer me a 20% discount on a future purchase. Future purchase? You are dead to me

But have no fear, after more digging, I was able to find another store that sold them through Yahoo! So I ordered them, but am trying not to get my hopes up in case they as well will be sold out, bc I don't want to be surprised if they are. Keep your fingers crossed for me though.

Swim workout

So, I meet some friends for dinner on Tuesday night after work and wasn't able to go to Niketown for a run workout (plus it was kinda cold out and I can't seem to be motivated to run in the cold right now). So instead, I decided to do my JackRabbit swim class workout for the week.

We continued to work on rotation (hip/torso), position in the water (head down and straight ahead) and breathing. Followed the workout and ended up swimming almost 1,000 yards, which is more then half a mile! I am pretty impressed with myself.

Going to the gym tonight after work and going to do some sort of running workout.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So happy right now!!!

So, despite the fact that I may have found a new pair that I liked, my running friend Jenny, found a website that still carried my old shoe in my size. I ordered 3 pairs :) May seem a little extreme, but I am hoping that they will last me for the next year (I typically get any where between 3-4 months out of a pair of shoes). I am still going to try and run in the Mizuno's to have a back-up pair, but I am so happy now that I found "my" shoes (seriously, I love these sneakers, they fit my feet like a glove).

Since I now love this website, I am going to encourage everyone to shop from there:

And thank you Jenny - you are my hero right now!!!!

New Shoes

Went to JackRabbit yesterday during work and got a new pair of shoes. I think I have tried on every pair of shoes they have for neutral runners. Settled on a pair of Mizuno's - the Wave Rider 11's. Did some cross training in them yesterday. The weird thing is, when I went running on the treadmill at JackRabbit to try them, they felt fine. But when I went to the gym, the left shoe was bothering me a little. But I don't think its the shoe - I think its the insole - so I am going to try swapping them with different insoles and see how they feel. Hopefully, it will work out :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend run

So, ran the Manhattan half marathon this weekend - definitely not my best race :( Just was not feeling it. It was freezing out as well, which never helps. This was also my first long run in the new sneakers - didn't go well. My knees were very sore afterwards and my legs stiff, which is not good. I am going back to Jack Rabbit today to try and find another pair to try. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 25, 2008

First brick (kinda!)

Well, getting up and swimming before work didn't happen :) Oops. Instead I went last night after work and ended up doing a mini-brick (a brick is workout in combination - biking then running, etc. You do this so you get used to the transition of muscles).

Anyways....went and did the swim class workout and some laps for about an hour. Then dried off and changed and did a 3 mile run. Felt surprisingly ok during the run - definitely thought I would feel bad.

Tonight is swim class. Should be fun :) And on Sunday I am running the NYRR Grand Prix: Manhattan 1/2 Marathon with the girls. Then we're going to brunch. Love how I can combine food with everything :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back to training...

Now that Disney is done and all the fun things of posting (pictures!) and medals are done, its back to some solid training.

I was good this last week - got a good cross training workout in on Saturday, a run in on Sunday, another cross training workout on Monday and a speed workout last night. Feeling good :)

Started swim lessons last Friday. I'm taking Swim I with JackRabbit (my running/tri store). Its been good so far - all about form and efficiency (something I am going to need if I plan on swimming 1.2 miles!). The first class went well; worked on form in the water and breathing. It amazed me during the class how much of my swim team training came back to me as I did laps. I really did feel very comfortable in the water and felt that I understood the drills we were working on and how to swim better. Very excited for that fact! Our instructor even gives us stuff to work on during the week, so I am going to go for a swim tomorrow morning before work and practice.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Now this is just a bit insane...

So, I need a new pair of running sneakers (these ones made it through, Chi-town, Philly and Disney).  I'm going to go to Jack Rabbit.  They do this cool thing - you can donate your old sneakers and they send them to Africa for kids learning to run.  So I thought I'd round up all my old pairs and bring them over.  Now, here's the crazy part - in 19 months of running, I've acquired 10 pairs of running shoes.  It's kinda insane.  Below is a picture of the pile (and keep in mind, that pile is missing 2 pairs!)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm back!

I'm back from Disney World! We had so much fun - I'm exhausted now. Finished the race in about 2:20 - definitely not my best time, but not bad! We got very cool Donald Duck medals (I'll take a picture and post). It was really cool running though the Magic Kingdom. We got to run through Cinderella's castle and down the front steps. Hopefully, the photographers got some good pictures.

Our weekend in Disney was fun. Went on lots of rides, ate lots of food and had a great time. Thinking of taking some time off from running to relax (not long, but I would like a couple of Saturdays to sleep in!). Pictures coming soon!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Leaving for Disney tomorrow!

YAY! It's finally here! I am so excited - I'm like a kid in a candy store right now. I've practically memorized the Disney guide book I bought. I am so excited. Our flight leaves tomorrow at 9:25. The race is Saturday morning at 6am (so by the time most people awake, I will have already run a half-marathon - insane).

Wish me luck! I promise to take lots of pictures and post them.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Disney in 4 days!

Disney is in 4 days. YAY YAY YAY! I am super excited :) Anyways, ran 8 miles this weekend (easy since it's technically a taper week).

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Since its the new year, thought I'd share my resolutions:

1 - Beat my PR in the Half Marathon
2 - Complete the Timberman Half-Ironman
3 - Be more consistent in my training (i.e. be better at forcing myself to go the gym/running)
4 - Eat healthier

Happy New Year

Happy 2008! Can't believe its already 2008. Time flies by anymore :) Anyways....rough couple of weeks of running. The holidays are always hard, plus its been very cold out. Was able to get 2 10+ mile runs in, so thats good. Disney is in less then 10 days! I am so excited. Hopefully it will be good weather.