Friday, July 24, 2015

Race Recap: Neverland 5K 2015

Neverland 5K
May 8, 2015

Better late then never, right? Even those these Tink recaps are so overdue, I still want to share them!  Maybe more so for myself then others, but whatever.  It's not going to be as detailed as it would be if I had written it closer to the race, but oh well.

This was the first time I had done this 5K.  One of the main reasons I wanted to do it was because it starts on Main Street in Disneyland park.  How cool is that?

Even though it was a 5K, it still started at 5:30am.  Fortunately, I had been to bed early - thanks jet lag!  I didn't need to get too early since I wasn't going to eat a full breakfast, only a snack to get me through it.

If you remember, I was going to be Smee for this race!  I had laid all my clothing out so it was easy to get ready and out the door.  It was bit humid out, not horrible (although the wool hat probably wasn't the smartest idea).  They were calling for rain, but fortunately it waited until I was done (I did get rained on on the walk back to the hotel, #ohwell).

#FlatSarah ready to go

After I was all dressed and ready to go, I made the (short) walk to Disneyland for the race.  It was not very crowded and easy to get.

It was really cool to be there so early.  Main Street was all lit up and it looked great!  I couldn't resist getting a pre-race picture on Main Street.

Love Main Street!

What was a little different then the 5Ks I've done in WDW was that there were no corrals.  They did have different waves for the start, but they were done on a first come, first serve basis.  They did 4 waves, so I'm not sure why they don't do a corral.  Luckily, I was early enough to get into the second wave.

The announcers were keeping everyone entertained until the start.  Since it was Peter Pan themed, they had a London-style double deck bus out in front of the castle for the announcers.  Looked really cool!

And then, it was time for the first wave to go off.  But - before that could happen, they had a great firework display.


After the fireworks, the first wave started.  I can't remember how long it was in between waves, but it was definitely a bit.  But eventually, it was time for us (wave 2) to go.  I was lucky to be in the front of the corral, so I was able to start right as the wave went off.

It was still pretty dark out and parks of the course were not well lit, so I needed to be careful to pay attention to the course (just a note for those who might do it another year).

Here is where the non-seeded waves became a little annoying.  Since the corrals were on a first come, first serve, when I started, I had to spend the first 5-7 minutes weaving around slower runners and walkers who had been in the first wave.  Please know, I have no problem with slower runners/walkers (I think it's great that people of all speeds do the races), it just involved a lot of weaving since the waves were unseeded.

There were only a couple of characters out on the course - all from Peter Pan.  My only true goal for the race was to get a picture with Smee!  I was hoping he'd be out and I was in luck!  He was the first set of characters out on the course (with Captain Hook) right by Pirates of the Caribbean.  The line wasn't long, but honestly, I would have waited if it was.

Captain Hook couldn't believe there were TWO Smee's!

From there, the course continued through Disneyland and got a bit of backstage as well.  After Disneyland, we headed across to California Adventure.  We came in through the backstage before heading to Paradise Pier.  Right before heading into Paradise Pier, the Lost Boys were out!

Since I was the "bad" guy, I got some razzing from the Lost Boys before they would take the picture.  Even so, we managed to all escape unscathed!

We played nice for a photo

After the Lost Boys, I headed into Paradise Pier towards the finish line!  All the lights on the pier were on - I have to admit, that is one of my favorite views of Paradise Pier.  It just looks pretty all outlined.

Right before the finish line, they had Peter and Wendy out.  Even though the finish line was so close, I wanted a picture to round out the Neverland 5K characters!

Second star to the right!

After Peter and Wendy, I headed to the finish line.  Since the race is small and I was on the faster side of finishers, I actually got to finish by myself!  The announcers called out my name and everything.  It was pretty cool to finish alone - don't think that's ever happened before!

After finishing, I grabbed a water and a snack box and headed back to the hotel (it was starting to sprinkle at this point).  But before I headed back, I grabbed a photo with my medal in front of Mickey's Fun Wheel.  It turned out pretty good - the sky looks pretty awesome behind me.

5K Finisher!

Overall, I had a good time at this race!  It's a bit expensive for a 5K, but it was an enjoyable time!  I liked the course (it was almost entirely in the Parks!) and only crowded at the beginning.  If you like Disneyland and 5K's, I think you'd enjoy this race.

Garmin: 3.12 miles, 27:02, 8:40 pace
(it's an untimed "fun" run, so no official time)

Such a fun medal!
 Anyone else run the Neverland 5K?  What did you think?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tinker Bell 2015 Expo Goodies!

This post is so overdue, but I really liked my goodies from the Tink expo so I wanted to share what I got.  I definitely didn't exercise as much self control as I had originally hoped to be, but since I ended up not purchasing any of the Dooney bags, I had a little extra in my budget.

Heading into the expo!
We decided to head straight to merchandise and then go pick up our numbers.  It was a good thing, because even though the expo had only been open a couple of hours, things were already on the road to selling out.  The Sweaty Bands were almost completely gone - I managed to find a Glass Slipper Challenge one, but it was literally the last one left.

Other than that, I was able to get everything I had hoped too.  But I know people who couldn't go until Friday, did not have such luck.  I've talked about it before, but I don't understand why they don't make more merchandise.  runDisney fans love their merch, so it would sell.  I just find it ridiculous that they don't have more.  It's really not far to those who can't get there on Day 1.  Okay, rant over.

So, let's get to the purchases!

I was really excited to get one of the Pixie Dust Challenge Jackets.  I loved the logo and the color!  I also picked up on of the challenge 'I Did It' shirts.  Same color as the jacket which made me happy.

I also added to my (ever-growing) drink wear collection.  I needed none of these, but I loved them so much, I had to have them.  They make me happy every time I drink from them.

And lastly, I picked up some magnets (my fridge is overflowing with them, I should probably stop buying more...), a Sweaty Band for both the Half and the Challenge (which, as I said above, I just barely got - they were already so picked over) and my traditional mini medal pin.  

That's it!  It actually seems like a lot less when I group it like that =)

From there, we headed into number pick up and then to get our shirts.  I really liked race shirts this year.  The color scheme was awesome and I liked all the designs this year.

5K and 10K shirts
Half and Challenge shirts
And you know I can't resist a photo opp!

What did you get at the expo this year?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jazz Fest 2015

You might not remember (because it was a really long time ago!), but I got to go to Jazz Fest this year.  I've been once before and it was a blast.  This year was no different.

We got to see some great acts and I got to check a concert of my bucket list - Elton John.  That's right - Elton John!  It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I loved every minute of it. 

Rather then do a deep dive into it, I thought I'd just give you a glance at the weekend through photo's.  Enjoy!

Day 1...
Starting the weekend with Bloody Mary's at the hotel (the pickled green beans are the best!).

Some fun artwork heading into Jazz Fest.

Yummy shrimp po'boy at Jazz Fest (seriously, they are the amazing).
The gang waiting patiently for No Doubt to come on!

No Doubt!

Fun marionettes spotted just outside the fairground on the way home.

Bourbon St at night
 Day 2...

Of course I went for a run Saturday AM!

We found this awesome street performers out on Bourbon

And beignets are a must (tried Cafe Beignet this time - so good!)

Elton John! Bucket list!

And the best photo opp of the weekend :)
 Anyone else go to Jazz Fest?  What was your favorite part?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2 on Tuesday

 I finally saw Jurassic World this weekend.  I loved the first one (from way back when) and would (basically) watch anything with Chris Pratt in it.  Seriously, anything.  Love him.  Anna Faris is a lucky lady.  Anyway... I really enjoyed the movie!  It was definitely slightly campy - which made me happy because it's a movie about a dinosaur theme park; serious is not an option.   And yes, there were some plot holes (like  Claire's shoes; if you've seen the movie you know what I mean).  But, I enjoyed the overall plot, the casting was great, it made me laugh and had some great throwbacks to the original movie.  Anyone else see it?  Thoughts?

I've been using the summer to catch up on some TV and I just watched Empire.  It's been on my list for a while and everyone has been talking about it, so I spent the last weekend watching the entire first season.  It is SO good!  It's well written, acted and directed.  However, whenever I watch it and they say 'Empire', all I can think of is Empire Records - 'Damn the man, save the Empire'.  I love that movie (and now, need to watch it again).  I just kept saying it in my head everytime.  I am excited for season 2 to come back!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Training recap week of 7/13

Back to training recap as I get ready to start marathon training!  This was my last week before training starts.  I got my schedule yesterday and I'm excited to get going.  It's going to be tough, but if I want to PR, it's what I have to do.  I am working with a fellow Oiselle Flock member who also does coaching for my training planning.

This week was pretty light - I'm wanted to keep it low key before the hard training starts.  I also took it easy on the cross training because I was feeling tired from the PiYo (but it was great, I've noticed some definite changes - I have triceps!).  I wanted to be as fresh as possible before training started.

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 3(ish) miles easy
Actual: 3.25 mi, 34:29, 10:37 pace

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 3(ish) miles easy
Actual: 3.01 mi, 29:02, 9:40 pace

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 7 mile long run
Actual: 7.02 mi, 1:07:32, 9:41 pace

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest
Cross Training: Refine

Total miles: 13.28
Total June miles: 41.55
Miles until goal (1,250): 666.85
Cross Training: 1/4

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eating in... Raleigh: Beasley's Chicken + Honey

OMG, this post is soooo delayed!  It's been sitting in my drafts for-ever and I finally realized I never published it.  Oops!  Enjoy!

After the half in Raleigh, Michelle and I did brunch in the downtown area.  We had walked past this restaurant (Beasley's Chicken + Honey) the day before and it had been packed.  After checking out the menu online, we decided to see if we could get in for brunch.

There was wait (about 30 minutes), but fortunately for us, two seats opened up at the bar and we decided to eat there.  You could order the full menu at the bar, so that worked for us!

They had a lunch/dinner menu and a brunch menu.  To keep things simple, the menu is on a giant chalkboard on the wall.  The menu was extensive, but everything on it looked delicious.  And the prices were reasonable as well.

I started brunch with a Bloody Mary.  This one was pretty good.  It was nice and spicy, which I like. And it was pretty strong, which I also like.

Picture with medal is a must!

For my meal, I went with fried chicken.  I mean, chicken is in the name of the restaurant, so I had to try it!  I did the fried chicken breakfast sandwich, which came on a biscuit with cheese and an egg on top.  The whole thing was topped with hot sauce. I also ordered a side of coleslaw, because, I love coleslaw.

The fried chicken was amazing.  It was perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  The batter was seasoned perfectly and was the right level of thickness.  The biscuit was also delicious.  I love a good southern biscuit and this one did not disappoint.  It didn't fall apart, but it also wasn't so hard you couldn't bite into it.  The egg and cheese paired nicely with everything and rounded out the sandwich.

The coleslaw was also unbelievably good.  It was not mayo based which was nice (I don't mind a mayo based slaw but sometimes it's too much mayo).  It also had a hint of sriracha in it, which was a nice complement to the crispness of the veggies.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at Beasley's.  If you are in the Raleigh area, I recommend trying it out!

Beasley's Chicken + Honey
237 Wilmington St
Raleigh, NC 27601

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2016

via @runDisney on Twitter
Registration for the Princess 2016 races opened yesterday and (unsurprisingly) sold out quickly.  As of now, only the 5K and Kids Races are left.  Even though it's 1 day later and the main races are sold, it didn't seem to sell out as quickly as usual (or was that just me?).  The Glass Slipper Challenge and the Enchanted 10K went first, followed by the Half a couple of hours later.

Was it just me who thought it took longer [to sell out] than last year?  Have they finally reached the limit of races people can/want to do (note, Avengers Half is still not sold out completely)?  Not that I am complaining, I remember when you used to be able to register for months from when registration opened.  I would really love it if it went back to that and took some of the stress out of registering.

Personally, I am an annual passholder so I get to register early.  Which is also stressful since they only release a handful of registrations to AP's to keep it fair (which I totally get).  But it was less stressful then today. and Active were both down at noon from the crush of people trying to register.  I am glad I didn't have to deal with that!

On another note, it's looking like the race weekend will have a Little Mermaid theme.  You can see in the above graphic that it is underwater and has seashells and the like in it.  I love the Little Mermaid, so I am excited for this!

Anyone else out there doing any of the Princess weekend races?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2 on Tuesday

Still being MIA, I guess.  I'm trying to post semi-constantly moving forward.  I've got lots to share!

Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, ME
This past weekend was spend in Maine, checking another state off the list.  The race was hot, but fun.  I think it would be even better in the fall.  The course is beautiful and I can imagine how awesome it would look in fall colors.  I'll be sharing a full recap (eventually...) but it was definitely a good time!

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't... do it!), you'll know I had an interesting day on Friday.  I had to film a video for work... in Times Square.  It was a new experience for me (to say the least) and took some getting used too.  I swear some of the tourists that I was a) a celebrity or b) a tourist attraction the way they were stopping and staring at me (and taking pictures).  Once I got used to that part, the shoot was easy!  I definitely have a new respect for people who do that all the time.  It's tough!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2 on Tuesday

We moved offices at work, which has been both nice and annoying (only slightly).  Our work space has been much improved - we have nice views of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, more space, a terrace and a bar (yes, a bar).  It's only annoying in the sense that it is a longer commute for me (we used to be in midtown, now we are downtown).  I am still trying to get used to the new commute, so I am constantly rushing in the AM.  But, what is pretty cool is that the Ghostbusters firehouse is only a block away from us!  I walk past it on my walk from subway to office and one day last week the door was open.  And yes, that is a Ghostbusters logo hanging on the wall.  It's a working firehouse, but I love that they have embraced its history!

Adding to the movies I've seen recently, I went to see Inside Out over the weekend.  And it was just as good as everyone said.  The storyline was so unique and incredibly well written.  It's Pixar, so did you really expect anything else?  I also though the actors who voiced each of the emotions were so prefectly cast.  I could not image anyone else voicing those characters.  It is definitely geared towards children, but also has enough to entertain the adults.  And yes, I definitely cried near the end.  I highly recommend seeing it if you can!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Life Lately


Remember me?  You know, the person who writes this blog?  I am sorry for the break, I honestly did not mean for it to go on for over a month, but once it started, it got harder to get back into it each day it went on (so basically this post is going to be rough, but I hope you stick around).

I don't know what spurred the (needed) break from the blog, but I think so of it came from a little bit of post TinkerBell blues.  I had been looking forward to the race weekend probably a little more then most people.  It basically kept me from going crazy during the long and cold winter here.  The trip was amazing (I am still going to do the race recaps) and so much fun it should probably be illegal.  So, I think it makes sense I came back with a little post-trip blues.  And I was also not feeling running at the time (more on that below), plus was crazy at work (in a good way).  So basically, I was probably due for a break.

Whatever the reason, it happened, so we'll just jump back in.  A lot happened in the last month-ish, so I'm going to do a bit of a life lately recap this today and ease myself back into posting regularly again.  I write this blog for fun, so definitely not planning on stressing myself out about it.  This post will be a quick recap and then I'll do some more regular posts.  I'm likely going to jump around in my posts (vs. going chronologically) based on what I feel like writing that day.


Like I alluded to above, me and running have changed our relationship status to "it's complicated" lately.  If you've been reading this blog at all, you know I love running and usually have no problem getting all my runs in.  But post Tink, runs were just painful.  I keep doing them, but the paces were all over the place and even slow efforts seemed herculean to me.

But I had races on the calendar (for two states - Wisconsin and Washington - that I was not missing since everything was paid for) so I knew I couldn't take a break.  But I did give myself permission to skip runs or cut them short if I really didn't feel into it.  The strange thing was, during both the races I ran, I felt great.  And after the first, I was like, awesome, it's over, back to normal and went out for my first run.  But, it was not over.  It was miserable.

So now, both races are over (race recaps to come), I am full on giving myself a running break.  I have run only twice since Seattle and it was has been a nice change.  I still miss running, but I think I was getting a little burnt out and since marathon training doesn't start until the mid-end of July, I have some time to relax.  I have a half on July 13th, so I won't be taking forever off, but plan on taking a few more days and then easing into it, depending on how I feel.

I am not going to go back and do weekly recaps for the past few weeks - mainly because I wasn't running a lot, so there isn't much to say except for recapping what I said above.


I've been busy otherwise these past few weeks though with lots of other travel!  Probably a little too busy, if I am honest.  I've been pretty go, go, go since the end of April.  Since we last spoke, I went to Madison for a visit with my cousin and to do the half, Delaware for a baby shower and Seattle to visit another friend and run the RnR Seattle Half.

Madison was a blast.  We had mostly good weather (it rained on Sunday, but was otherwise it was beautiful).  We had a lot of cheese, ice cream and good food.  And of course, drank a ton of beer!  It was really nice to spend a relaxing weekend with family - we got a lot done, but also made sure to have some downtime.

My trip to Delaware was short - but it was so nice!  We have very good family friends who we call Aunt and Uncle and their kids are our "cousins" and it was one of the girls baby shower.  It's been a while since I've seen her (so lives in Cali on the Oregon border) so it was really nice to catch up.

And lastly, Seattle.  I had never been to Seattle before, but long felt like it was my soul city.  Don't ask me why, I just did.  And this trip did nothing to change that feeling.  I just loved it.  It was wonderful to spend time with Megan before she leaves the main land and moves to Hawaii (don't worry, I am already claiming a spot in her guest room for visits!).  And let me tell you - Seattle is gorgeous.  We had the most amazing time.  I'll probably do a whole post just on what we did in Seattle, but it was the perfect combination of running, touristy things and good food.  I had put the word out to my fellow Oiselle Flock members for recommendations about what to do while there.  And they did not disappoint!


Since I haven't doing much running, I figured this would be a good time to focus on cross training.  And it has been!  I started doing PiYo again and am consistently following the schedule right now.  I am just finishing week 4 (out of 8) and it's been great.  I think it's been helpful to have something to do that's not running, but I know will help my running (if that makes sense).  My 8 weeks will finish right around the time I'm scheduled start marathon training so that works out perfectly.


As one can imagine, all this constant travel has not been good for my eating habits.  I haven't really put on any weight - maybe 1 pound or so, but its more that I am just feeling crappy.  So I'm using this time to also really focus on my nutrition and getting it inline for when training starts.  I've been trying to cook a lot and bring lunch so I know I'm getting healthy food and the right balance of calories.

I won't lie - I debated doing a Whole30 program.  But I thought about my experiment with paleo and knew in the long run, it wouldn't work for me.  So, I decided not too.  I am incorporating some portions of it to see how my body feels without the food.  Basically trying to curb my added sugar intake, wheat and dairy (which I already know makes me feel iffy).  I'm also cutting out soy, which I am especially interested to see what happens there.  I've been reading up on soy consumption and how your body reacts to it and I'm wondering if that could be some of my problems.  I only cut it out as of Sunday, so who knows.  We'll see how it goes.

I've gotten to the movies a bunch in the last month or so.  I've seen Pitch Perfect 2 (aca-amazing!), Tomorrowland (I liked it a lot, but I am also a Disney freak) and Avengers 2 (not as good as the original, but I still loved it) in the theatre.  Plus 2 cross country flights means lots of movie time as well.  Between those flights, I watched Imitation Game, Snowpiercer, Lucy and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. 

That's all I can think of right now (mainly because to cover everything would mean this post would basically not ever be done).  I am going to try and get back into posting regularly.  Thanks for sticking with me!