Monday, September 28, 2015

Training recap week of 9/7 and 9/14 (Route 66 Week 8 & 9)

I went to write this week's recap and realized I hadn't posted the last two weeks training recaps.  Just been a couple of those weeks at work (in a good way!).  I expected that getting settled into work would disrupt blogging, so I am not surprised.  I figure I'll get caught up today on the previous two weeks and then do last weeks tomorrow (or Wednesday). 

Week 8

This week was not great; I was feeling really stiff and a bit in pain (mainly in my shins). This happened when I was training for Grandma's too. I don't seem to do too well with total mileage in the 40's.  I scaled back some runs this week to let my body recover a bit.

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 7 miles easy pace
Actual: 7.0 mi, 1:08:49, 9:50 pace

Scheduled: 5 mile tempo (8:12-8:18) run plus warmup + cooldown
Actual: 7.1 miles total
Paces: 8:19, 8:13, 8:15, 8:18, 8:08

Scheduled: 7 miles easy pace
Actual: 4.1 mi, 43:55, 10:42 pace

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 4 miles easy pace
Actual: 2.5 mi, 29:06, 11:39 pace

Felt really rough on this one; had to scale back on both the mileage and pace.

Scheduled: 14 miles easy pace
Actual: 14.01 mi, 2:12:51, 9:29 pace

Total miles: 37.71
Total September miles: 78.81
Miles until goal (1,250): 429.39
Cross Training: 0/4

Week 9

This week went better, but I had to go on a business trip on Thursday to Detroit and wasn't able to get my run in. 

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 5 miles easy pace
Actual: 5.04 mi, 49:19, 9:47 pace

Scheduled: Speedwork - 8 x 2mi @ 8:00-8:05 pace, 800m recovery plus warm up and cooldown
Actual: 7.17 miles total
800m paces: 8:18, 8:14 and 8:12, 8:14

Not quite were I wanted them to be (pace miles), but got them done.

Scheduled: 6 miles easy pace
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 5 miles easy
Actual: 5.44 mi, 53:53, 9:55 pace

Scheduled: 16 miles long run - 4 easy, 8 @ GMP (8:23-8:25), 4 easy
Actual: 16.0 mi, 2:25:03, 9:04 average pace
Paces: 8:23, 8:24, 8:23, 8:20, 8:22, 8:21, 8:22, 8:19

Felt pretty good on this one!

Total miles: 33.64
Total September miles: 112.45
Miles until goal (1,250): 387.65
Cross Training: 0/4

Monday, September 7, 2015

Training recap week of 8/31 (Route 66 Week 7)

Another week of training in the books!  I got all my runs in and am feeling like I am getting stronger with each run.  I won't lie, I was pretty spent all weekend with all the runs, but that's marathon training for you!

I was definitely feeling sad that I was missing the Disneyland Half weekend, but I tried to tell myself that it was better so I could get some solid training in.  It helped a little, but I was still feeling a little blue.  I just can't help it, I love runDisney race weekends!

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 6 miles easy pace
Actual: 6.02 mi, 58:19, 9:42 pace

Scheduled: Speedwork - 8 x 800m @ 3:47-3:51 pace, 400m recovery plus warm up and cooldown
Actual: 8.05 miles total
800m paces: 3:48, 3:49, 3:47, 3:50, 3:48, 3:51, 3:48, 3:45

Scheduled: 7 miles easy pace
Actual: 7.0 mi, 1:07:21, 9:37 pace

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 18 miles long run pace (9:20-10:20)
Actual: 18.02 mi, 2:55:26, 9:44 pace

This was my longest run since Grandma's and felt pretty good during the run!

Scheduled: 5 miles easy pace
Actual: 5.0 mi, 48:15, 9:39 pace

Total miles: 44.09
Total September miles: 44.09
Miles until goal (1,250): 456
Cross Training: 0/4

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Race Recap: Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2015

Continuing my posts on Disneyland to counteract my FOMO... my Tinker Bell Half Marathon race recap!

Tinker Bell Half Marathon
May 10, 2015

State: Repeat (California)
Lifetime: #54

As with the 10K, this recap might be missing some details, but I am going to do my best to remember everything!  If not, there will still be pretty pictures =)

Another early morning for this race, I was exhausted and in bed pretty early, so it wasn't too hard to get up for this one.  I was running as Tinker Bell and was pretty excited to wear my costume!

#flatsarah ready to go
I made the shirt myself using an iron-on from Miranda at DesignsbyMK on Etsy.  I thought I might see some other people in the same iron-on (since it wasn't custom), but I didn't see any others!  People really seemed to like it - I got a lot of 'Go Pixie Power!" throughout the course which was really nice.

I headed to the start area a little early, as there were a bunch of fellow Oiselle Flock / Volee were there and we had planned a group photo. 

Fly style!
After the photo, I went to meet Abby, Adrienne and Michelle to head to the start!

After our group photo, it was off to the start line.  I was in corral A again, so I made my way up to the front.  We did not have a lot of time to kill before the race started, so it was only a couple of minutes from when I arrived until the start.  Before I knew it, we were off!

The half starts the same direction as the 10K, rounding around the exterior of Disneyland on the highway before heading into the parks.  Unlike the 10K, the half heads into California Adventure first.  If I am remembering correctly, you enter near Cars Land and head towards Paradise Pier.  The official runDisney photographer captured a great shot of me in Cars Land that ended up in the race Facebook album.  It's definitely one of my favorites from race!

via the runDisney Facebook page
I can't remember exactly on this loop it was, but the first character I ran into was Buzz Lightyear!

In the middle of Paradise Pier, Silvermist was there for photo's and a little later on (after making the full loop around Paradise Pier, before you headed back down towards the front of the park), Vidia was there as well.  I had a photo with both of them from the 10K, but since I was Tink today, I had to take another!

From there, the course makes the short trek across to Disneyland Park.  Disneyland was all decorated for the 60th Anniversary and I have to say, I really loved it.  Disneyland always looks great (in my opinion), but I really loved it decorated for the anniversary.

Chip and Dale were out on Main Street again, joined this time by Goofy!  They were dressed differently and there was only like 2 people waiting, so I stopped for a photo.

We headed straight into the Castle them (running through it the opposite way we do in the DLH), but before the castle, they had a spot off to the right you could stop for a photo in the castle.

After castle, we headed around the Matterhorn and back towards the entrance to Tomorrowland.  This is where Tink was!  You know I was stopping for a photo, line be damned.  This was definitely the longest line I stood in all race and it wasn't that bad.  I would estimate 10-15 people in front of me?  I am sure the line got worse as the race went on, but I was lucky.

After Tink, we rounded around back towards the Castle and headed into Tomorrowland.  In Tomorrowland, they had some Storm Troopers out.  My nieces (both of them) are obsessed with Star Wars, so I had to stop for a photo with them.  The line wasn't horrible, probably like 5 or so in front of me.

After Tomorrowland, we headed through Fantasyland and hit a couple more characters.  The lines were starting to get longer, but nothing unmanageable!  Iridessa (again, I think) and Rosetta were hanging out together.

From there, it was Donald and Pluto out as we headed into ToonTown.  You can't tell from the photo, but Pluto kept playing with my wings.  He would tap them and then start laughing.  It was tough to get him to stop for a photo!

After ToonTown, it was time to head out of the parks.  I don't know if it's true or not, but I feel like you get more park time in Tinker Bell then during the Disneyland Half.  The part in the Parks was definitely different then the first time I ran it (I remember specifically running through DL first, probably because Cars Land was under construction at the time).

I don't mind all the time out of the park though.  You know I like to zone out when I run, so this allows me to do that.  They had some bands and dance teams out to keep it interesting.  I also like the Tink non-park portions better then the DLH non-park portions (except for Angels stadium... I love the part with Angels stadium).

You run around Anaheim and personally, I really enjoy it.  I don't know if I feel partial to it because Tinker Bell was my first Disneyland race ever; who knows?

Either way, there isn't much to tell about this section.  I did lost one of my shoe pom-poms during this point, which made me pretty sad, but at least all the photo's were done (I did find a lost pink one near mile 12 which I actually stopped to pick up - so now I have 1 white and 1 pink).

I did get a cool shadow picture during this point.

We re-enter the DL area around Mile 12, heading to the backstage area of California Adventure (right behind Cars Land.  From there, it was a quick run to the finish!  I can't remember 100%, but I feel like the finish section was different then the first time I ran the race.

Who doesn't love a Mickey hi-five!
runDisney got another photo of me finishing on the Facebook album.   You can't see me great, but I love the silhouette in front of Mickey's Fun Wheel!

via the runDisney Facebook page
After finishing, I collected my medals - Half, Pixie Dust and pink Coast to Coast (!) before meeting up with my mom.

They didn't have the snack boxes, but they had taken them all apart and gave you a back to collect the items (I guess to remove the expired applesauce?).  It was nice to have treat after the race!

After taking my requisite finisher photo, we headed back to the hotel.  We made a stop at Earl of Sandwich because I was STARVING and needed real food.  It was delicious and hit the spot.

Overall, I loved this race.  In my opinion, the course is better then the Disneyland Half (in total, certain sections of the DL course are better.. ahem, Angels stadium).  It never got too hot for, I lucked out with no really long lines for the characters and I earned my pink Coast to Coast.  I will definitely be back at some point for Tinker Bell again!

Official: 13.1 miles, 2:00:32, 9:12 pace
Garmin: 13.36 miles, 2:00:33, 9:01 pace

Who else ran the Tink half?  How'd it go for you?

#runalltheraces #allthemedals

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Race Recap: Tinker Bell 10K 2015

Since I am having some serious FOMO about missing the Disneyland Half weekend this year, what better time to think about the last time I was in Disneyland and finish my Tink weekend recaps! 

Tinker Bell 10K
May 9, 2015

This recap is long overdue and a lot has gone on in my life, so I definitely don't remember all the details.  But either way, let's get to what I do remember!

Going with the theme for the weekend, I was going to be Peter Pan for the race.  It was a pretty simple costume to pull together and I have to tell you, one that a lot of people seemed to like.  I got a lot of 'Go Peter' cheers throughout the course which was nice.  It was also very comfortable to run in, so I think this is one I'll definitely repeat at some point.

#FlatSarah ready to go!
My mom was doing the 10K, as were Abby and Adrienne.  Once we met up in the lobby, we made our way to the start.  The best thing about DL races is how close you are to the start.  The Tink start is not as close as DL (and I've never done Avengers or Star Wars so I can't comment on those), but it's still only a couple minutes away walking.

After arriving at the start area, we made our way to the corrals.  Since we walked there, we didn't have a lot of time to kill and everyone said goodbye as there corrals approached.  I was in corral A and since I knew I wanted to stop for some pictures, I made my way to the front.

The race started on time - I think Tink or another fairy sent us off, but I honestly can't remember at this point.  The race starts going to opposite of the DL 10K (literally we run the other way on the same road) and we headed into Disneyland first.  After running around the outside of the park, we made our way down Main Street.  Chip and Dale were along Main Street and I stopped for a quick photo with them.

Hey Dale, what you looking at?

And as no race in DL is complete without a picture with Walt (in my opinion), I made sure to get one during the 10K.

After a quick pass through Frontierland, we passed by the carousel where Alice and the Mad Hatter were holding court.  Because I started in corral A, the line was short (luckily, they all were for me) and was able to get in and out with a picture.

And since I had just seen Alice, I figured a stop in a teacup was in order!

Teacups make me C-R-A-Z-Y!
After passing by the teacups, we made a quick right and looped around the Matterhorn before heading back towards It's a Small World.  It was during this section I stopped for photo's with some of the fairies.  Iridessa (I think, my niece would probably know better!) and Rosetta.

From there, we made our way into TownTown (briefly), before heading out of the park.  I did snag a pic with the cows in TownTown (Clara Bell and not sure what the other name is).

After some time spend backstage, we made the cross to California Adventure.  The course takes you all over California Adventure - starts in Hollywood Land, into a bugs land, Paradise Pier and finally, Cars Land (my fav!).  There were a couple of Tink's pals out during this section - Silvermist and Vidia.

And because I can't resist cheesy photos, one of my "flying" in front of Mickey's Fun Wheel! Side note, the number of photo's of me "flying" that the race photographers got was a ridiculous amount. 

Because Peter can fly, duh?
After leaving Cars Land, we made our way to the finish!  After finishing, I got my medal and NO SNACK BOX!!! We had gotten then for the 5K, so I was confused why we didn't for the 10K.  Apparently, someone realized the applesauce in them had expired, but still.  No one checked that before race weekend?

Once I got a photo, I headed back to the hotel to grab some coffee (and put on my compression socks) before heading back to cheer on my mom's finish.  She's a walker, so it worked out perfectly time wise!  So proud of her for finishing!

I was really proud of my time for this race.  My legs were feeling good and since there were no lines, I was able to jump in for photo's and get going right away.  I actually PR'd for the 10K during this race!  I will say my 10K was years old and did not reflect my current pace, so it's not that surprising.  I was still pretty please though with all the photo stops!

Overall, I really liked this race.  The course is almost entirely in the parks, which makes me very happy.  There were a lot of characters out, especially compared to the lack of characters at last years Disneyland 10K.  I can't speak to the lines since I was in corral A and lucked out on that front.  My only issue would be the lack of a snack box, but I think that was a unique situation and wouldn't happen again.

Official: 6.2 miles, 51:47, 8:20 pace
Garmin: 6.3 miles, 51:48, 8:13 pace

Those who also ran the Tinker Bell 10K, what were your thoughts?

I seriously love this medal!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2 on Tuesday

My desk looked sad and lonely on Friday after cleaning it out.  It was definitely bittersweet to go through all my paperwork and pack up / throw things out.  But like I said on Friday, change is good.  It's only been 1 day, but so far it's been good!

Time hop so nicely reminded me recently that 1 year ago around this time I was in Disneyland for the Disneyland Half Weekend.  I won't lie - I am having some serious sadness and FOMO around missing it this year.  I did it the past 2 years and I loved it both years.  With doing Tink this year, it just wasn't in the cards (and I loved our Tink trip, I wouldn't have not gone for anything!), plus with the new job... it's probably best I am not there.  This doesn't mean I'm still not sad!  I'll be stalking everything on Instagram and being jealous all weekend.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Training recap week of 8/24 (Route 66 Week 6)

This week was not my best - overall.  I got some really quality runs for speedwork and long, but definitely struggled through some of the runs.  Since it was my last week at work, I had more outings/drinks/dinners then I planned and they interfered with my running.  We were out until 1:30am on Wednesday night!  I was dying on Thursday (to say the least).

Really proud of my speedwork this week if nothing else!

I also added some cross training in - workouts from  They were good workouts and I was definitely a bit sore after them!

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest
Cross Training: Lauren Gleisberg - Booty Challenge workout

Scheduled: Speedwork - 4 x 1 mile repeats @ 7:50-7:55 pace plus warm up + cool down
Actual: 7.4 mi total
Paces: 7:54, 7:53. 7:51, 7:46
Cross Training: Lauren Gleisberg - Booty Challenge Arms workout

Scheduled: 6 miles easy pace, 9:20-9:50
Actual: 4.5 mi, 42:36, 9:28 pace

Scheduled: 7 miles easy pace
Actual: 3.13 mi, 31:19, 10:01 pace

Considering how exhausted I was (and slightly hungover), I am pretty proud I got any of this run done!

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 14 miles long run- 4 miles long run pace (9:20-10:20), 6 miles goal marathon pace (GMP = 8:23-8:25), 4 miles long run pace (9:20-10:20)
Actual: 14.01 mi, 2:11:01, 9:21 average pace
GMP paces: 9:20, 8:50, 8:35, 8:26, 8:31, 8:12

I did not plan this run properly - my first 2.5 miles at GMP were up a massive hill (and my pace clearly reflected that).  They weren't quite were I want to be, but I am pretty pleased with how I am progressing.

Scheduled: 6 miles easy pace
Actual: 6.0 mi, 57:40, 9:36 pace

Total miles: 35.02
Total August miles: 131.74
Miles until goal (1,250): 500.09
Cross Training: 2/4

Friday, August 28, 2015

Change... is good.

Nothing to do with this post, but still a pretty picture.

The title of this post is true, but doesn't cover everything.  Change is good, but change is also terrifying, time consuming and risky. 

Let me back up a second.

As I am sure you have noticed, I've been a bit MIA this summer on the blog.  At first, it was post-Tinker Bell blues, but in the last 5 weeks or so, it's because some other stuff at been going on.  

Today, Friday, August 28, is my last day at my current job.  I know I don't talk a lot about my job (and outside this post I likely won't again), but I really do like my job (I work in advertising, btw).  But, an opportunity arose that I could not pass up and I start my new job on Monday. 

I don't want to get to much into the details (because this is a running blog after all), but it's really exciting.  It's still in advertising.  I know the people I will be working with so there is a level of trust already there.  They know me and know I love to run and race, which is great for my upcoming racing schedule.

In all truth, it will be a challenging couple of weeks/months as I get settled into the new place and fully up-to-speed there (oh, and you know, continue marathon training).  My posts might be continue to be a little sporadic for the next few months, so bear with me.

I am not sure what this will mean for my training.  The last time I started a new job and trained for a marathon, the marathon training portion did not go well (Montreal - race ended up going really well even with crappy training).

I am going to do my best and re-evaluate my race goals after the Brooklyn half.  How I do in that race will be a good indicator of how training is going.

So, now you know everything that's been going on here!  Wish me luck on Monday!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Training recap week of 8/17 (Route 66 Week 5)

This week was better.  My 16 mile long run felt a million times better then my 15 the week before.  My tempo run on Wednesday also felt more comfortable then it had last time.  Progress is being made!

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest
Cross Training: 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio Fix

Scheduled: 5 miles easy pace
Actual: 5.00 mi, 48:25, 9:41 pace

Scheduled: 4 mile tempo pace (8:12-8:18) plus warmup + cooldown
Actual: 6.78 miles total
Paces: 8:35, 8:16. 8:06, 8:04

First mile was a little slow, but the last two I really picked it up.

Scheduled: 6 miles easy pace
Actual: 2.97 mi, 31:05, 10:28 pace

I had a work thing on Thursday night, so needed to do my run in the AM.  Did not get up early enough to do all the scheduled miles.  Oops.

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 16 miles long run pace
Actual: 16.16 mi, 2:40:27, 9:56 pace

Scheduled: 5 miles easy pace
Actual: 4.01 miles, 40:01, 10:02 pace

I swore my schedule said 4 miles, but realized afterwards that it was 5.  Oh well, only 1 mile short!

Total miles: 34.92
Total August miles: 96.70
Miles until goal (1,250): 535.16
Cross Training: 1/4

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The (mental) games we play


One of the things I am really working on this year is my mental game.  Getting faster requires breaking that mental barrier.

I find I struggle most mentally when I am doing speedwork.  Sometimes I haven't even started speedwork and I'm already psyching myself out.

Last nights speed workout called for 4 x 1 mile repeats at 7:50-7:55 pace.  I had done 1/2 mile repeats two weeks before at that pace and it was hard.

Already doing my warm up, I was psyching myself out.  "My legs feel stiff."  "I am really tired."

You know the drill.

But this time, I decided to do something different.  You know when you hit ice when driving they say to steer into the slide?  Okay, I haven't really driven in 10 years, but I feel like I remember that saying.

Anyway, that's what I decided to do on my repeats yesterday.  I slide into the negative thoughts (just a little, I didn't give myself an out for the workout completely).  I gave myself a little leeway during the first one.  I told myself just to do my best and then I could go from there.

The first one was a little tough, but because I had no pressure on myself for that first one, I loosened up quickly.  And my pace picked up.  In the end, I was able to finish the first mile at 7:54.

From there, the remaining three weren't as mentally challenging.  I knew I could do it, even when originally it had seemed impossible.

I completed my remaining three mile repeats at 7:53. 7:51 and 7:46, getting faster with each one.

I am not sure if I will use this way of thinking all the time, but if it helped me with this speed workout, that works for me! 

What do you do to get over the mental hurdle?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2 on Tuesday

image via runDisney Facebook page
Late last week, runDisney released the medals for Wine & Dine.  As you know, Wine & Dine is one of my FAVORITE runDisney races.  I have always loved this medal - the iconic Spaceship Earth and running waiter Mickey on it.  The new design this year keeps the waiter Mickey, but loses Spaceship Earth.  I am not sure I like this medal as much as I have in years past.  But in my experience, the runDisney medals are never photographed well.  So, I am keeping my hopes up that it is better in person!

image via runDisney Facebook page
And in some awesome news from runDisney that came today - it is official, there will be a Star Wars race weekend in Disney World!  I mentioned after the Star Wars half in Disneyland, that I had some serious FOMO from this race {and side note from that post, I re-watched all the original Star Wars and now love them (I hadn't seen them since elementary school).  How I went so long without re-watching them is beyond comprehension!  My movie tastes have definitely changed since I was 14.}   Unfortunately, a trip this January to Disneyland was not in the cards, so I was sad I wouldn't be able to do it again.  But a Star Wars race in World?  That I can do!

So, what do you think about the Wine & Dine medals as well as the WDW Star Wars half?