Friday, July 11, 2008

So its been a while....

Yea, so I'm a bad blogger. And apparently people actually read this (I'm serious - who knew?). And I'm sorry to the people who I told I would update this a while ago. Clearly, I did not. Oops. So to make up for that, this will be a longer then usual post (I'll try to re-cap what I can from the last 2 weeks).

The official pictures from the Philly Tri are up! Check them out at the link below:

My bib number was 629. There are some pictures that are not me (not sure how they ended up in there), but the rest look pretty good.

I did my first long ride over the GW Bridge on the 28th. Meet the team in the park and then headed up. We rode over the bridge and along 9W to Piermont and back. Did a total of 48 miles, my longest ride to date. I felt good during the ride, but I am sooo not a fan of riding over the GW. I've run over it before and was fine with that, but riding over it was whole different experience. I kept having visions of me falling of the bridge. But, I took it slow and made it out and back. And hopefully the next time I do it, it won't be so terrifying.

That Sunday (6/29), I did a long run with the team, which went well despite it being ungodly hot out. I also went for a short, easy swim.

Monday's are rapidly becoming one of my favorite days of the week since they tend to be recovery days. I did some stretching and used the foam roller (I am still pretty inflexible/tight despite all my efforts).

Tuesday was our speed workout. We did a tempo run that mimicked the course of the NYC Triathlon (which is next weekend). I'm not doing the tri this year because of a family wedding, but it is good practice since I am planning on doing it next year.

The rest of the week I did strength training, 2 rides, a brick, and lots of swimming. I felt like I was becoming a fish by the end of the week. I also did a long-ish run on Sunday morning. As it was the 4th, I was able to be lazy and catch up on my sleep (well, some of the days I did). Monday (7/7) was another recovery day.

This week has been a lower volume week, but the intensity has definitely been higher. Tuesday night I did a 30-minute time trial. Wednesday I did a strength workout. Thursday morning I did a ride in the park. I had a really good ride - felt really comfortable and strong on the bike. I can finally feel the strength workout paying off - Harlem Hill was easier to do then usual.

Today I am doing a time trial in the pool, tomorrow one on the bike and Sunday another running time trial.