Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekend taper

This weekend will be doing a nice short run of approximately 6 miles. The weather should be gorgeous and perfect for a nice run. Chicago is an (almost) a week! Woohoo!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yay for tapering

Yay for tapering. Last night we did a nice easy run of 4 miles. Took it easy. Not running today because of tapering. Running less this week then normal and even less next week. Can't believe the race is already here!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend run

Was in Cape Cod this weekend for a wedding, so ran there. Since the race is less then 2 weeks away, we are beginning to taper. Ran about 11 miles. We ran on this bikepath that was gorgeous. Ran along the beach for part of it. Beautiful run and nice way to see Cape Cod.

Tonight is send-off. We'll get last minute details as well as the rest of our flight information and such. So soon!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Its coming up!

Only 15 days until the marathon - ahhhh! Can't believe its almost here. I remember when I started this blog and was getting ready to run my second race. How insane! Anyways...

Tuesday night was more pacing work. Ran out and back pacing myself. My body was still a little tired from RTB, so I took it easy. No reason getting injuried 2 weeks before the race.

Running about 12-13 this week - I'm gonna be in Cape Cod for Denis' wedding, so I'll be running there. Nice change of pace from Central Park.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Reach the Beach Recap!

So, this weekend was Reach the Beach (RTB). Had an awesome time. We finished in 31h 4 mins for a pace of 9:03. How awesome is that? I ran each of my legs in under 8:45 - not really sure where the burst of speed came from - I never run that fast, nor do I run that fast in mountains (I'm not calling them hills, because we ran through freaking mountains). Really had a great time, was happy with my paces and loved the experience. Super excited for next year already!

I'm working on uploading the pictures, so once I do, I'll post the link. YAY Your Pace or Mine (my team name)!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Recap

This weekend was our pre-race trip the trails - 20 miles total (10 out and 10 back). The Chicago team went to New Jersey and ran actual trails (you know, dirt, rocks, trees, etc). It was hot and humid. Not one of my best runs, but now its done and the marathon is less then 30 days away! OMG!

This weekend is Reach the Beach. It's a 200 mile relay race in New Hampshire. We're heading up to NH on Thursday night and start running Friday morning. I am very excited - should be excellent.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tuesday Night workout

Last night we worked on pacing. Ran with Jenny. Did a warm-up from E65 to E72 and from there we paced from E72 to E90 (1 mile). Then paused for 2 minutes to recover, then ran back to E72 - 15-20 seconds faster then we ran there. Then we repeated this. And then we did 2 Cat hill repeats. My toe felt ok, a little sore, but didn't prevent me from doing the workout and actually pushed it so it was challenging. Nice Tuesday workout.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Short run on Saturday

This Saturday we did a short run - only 8 miles. Nice recovery from last week's 20 miler and prepping for next week's 20 miler. Other then that run, took it a little easy, did cross training on Monday, but otherwise off letting my toe rest. On Saturday afternoon, I stubbed my toe at my friends pool and took off a chunk of skin. It's still slightly tender, so I didn't run so it could heal for this weekends run.

Tonight is group training. We will be working on pacing.