Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2 for Tuesday

The new All My Children and One Life to Live premiered yesterday on Hulu.  I am so happy these are back on the air!  I actually was not a religious watcher of the shows when they were on (I am a devoted GH watcher though), but I am still super pissed that ABC cancelled them (especially since the shows that replaced then don't/didn't do much better).  I am going to be watching them now though!
Speaking of, let's talk about Hulu Plus.  Yes, you can watch Hulu for free on your computer, but I love Hulu Plus.  The price isn't too bad (only $7.99 a month) and you can watch via streaming devices (Wii, Roku) and on your phone.  I love watching it when I am on the treadmill (especially in the winter).  It makes the time go by so much quicker!  It was also a godsend during Hurricane Sandy when I was stuck inside for a week and had watched everything on my DVR.  If you want to try it out, you can get 2 weeks free by using this link- http://hulu.com/r/jgwnSw.  

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