Thursday, April 4, 2013

Philly Half Marathon Registration

Registration for the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend opened on Monday (April 1) and unlike Chicago and Marine Corps, did not crash!  There have been a lot of issues with race registrations lately, it's been quite insane.  I can't believe how quickly races are selling out anymore.  

Anyway, there seemed to be no problems with the Philly opening.  I managed to snag one of the discounted spots for the first 1,000 registrations and I had a $5 coupon (for completing a survey about last years race), so the race ended up being under $60!  Love a cheap race.

Looking forward to another race weekend in Philly with Kasey.  This will be year number 3 that's we done it together (Half for her all 3 and me 1 marathon and 2 half's). 

On a total different note, this weekend starts the Final Four.  Syracuse is in it for the first time since they won in 2003 - hard to believe it's been 10 years (sorry everyone for screwing up your brackets)!  I remember when they won - it was probably one of the best experiences of my college years.  Watching the game in the Dome, running down to Marshall Street, everyone celebrating and cheering and singing  'We are the Champions' all night long.  Definitely something I am glad I got to experience!  

In case you want to jump on the SU bandwagon, you can join Jimmy Fallon!  Great video - good move  Jimmy!  (On a side note, I am excited for him to take over for Jay Leno).

LET'S GO C-U-S-E!!!!

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