Sunday, April 7, 2013

Training Recap: Week of 4/1

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  Mine was pretty busy, but in a good way.  Got lots accomplished (including my taxes... 'cuz I didn't procrastinate on that or anything)!

This week's training went much better then the week before.  Got all my runs in and some solid cross training, but I need to remember to do it more often.

Monday:  45 minutes of kickboxing

Tuesday: 4.5 mile tempo run.  Wow, this felt tough.  I wasn't pushing the pace too crazily, but I could definitely tell I needed to do more speedwork.

Wednesday:  Was supposed to be yoga, but ended up running late from work and didn't do anything.

Thursday: 3 mile easy run; Weather turned cold again, but felt good to be out there.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday:  9.65 mile long run.  I helped lead the 10:30 pace group since there were no 10:00 minute runners this weekend and they were down a pace leader.

We changed up the run this weekend and ran east out of the park to the East River and up to 102nd St and then over the pedestrian bridge to Randall's Island.  It was so nice to do a different route and change it up.  Randall's Island had a nice running path and was easy to get too.  I'll have to remember this when I am doing long runs and am sick of the park!  The first 7 miles were at about a 10:15-10:30ish pace, but the last 2.65 miles were just me and another TNTer (sorry I don't know your name!) and we pushed the pace to about 9:40.  Felt good to do it.

Sunday:  Refine Class.  Class was tough today - I was really working up a sweat during it.  But it was a good sweat and I felt awesome afterwards (minus the fact that I've been starving all day since then).

Overall, it was a good week.  Only missed 1 day and really felt great on my runs.  Glad I seem to be getting back into my runner groove!

PS - I just watched the movie UP and while I really like the movie, I always forget how sad it is.  Was just sitting here typing and tearing up a bit (ok, a lot). 

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