Sunday, April 21, 2013

Training Recap: Week of 4/15

This was a really good week for me.  Not sure what was going (the nice weather or finally feeling motivated), but I got all my runs in and felt good this week on them.  I also had an incredibly productive weekend - did some cooking for the week, cleaned my apartment, did some organization, went to Target, changed my Brita filter (yes, it's its own item - can't tell you the last time I did that...oops) and hung a new medal rack (that I got for Christmas...yea, I'm a little behind).  Like I said, very productive.

Anyway, here is this weeks training recap.

Monday: 5.52 miles easy, 10:17 pace

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Speed intervals, 5.1 miles.  This was tough.  My speed is really not where it was.  But I will be doing speed workouts with my upcoming training schedule for Dumbo Double Dare (DDD) so I am not that worried about that (she says while being annoyed with her pace for the workout).

Thursday: 1.98 miles easy, 10:43 pace

Friday: Off

Saturday: 11.76 miles long run, 10:05 pace.  Felt pretty good on my long run.

Sunday: 2.5 miles easy, 10:21 pace

Total Miles: 26.87 miles
April total: 63.15 miles

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