Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Remembering 1999

I cannot believe it is May already.  I feel like this year is just flying by.  It is crazy.

This is totally random, but has anyone seen this video compilation of all things 1999?  I was 16 at the time and remember way too much of the items in this video (minus the video games).  I am embarrassed to admit how many of the songs are still in rotation on my iPod (and most are on my running playlist).  This was time before smart phones (heck I had a cell phone that charged by the minute, was only good in a 3 state area and was for emergencies only).  There was no Facebook or twitter.  We went to the mall to hang out.  People saw movies in the theater (there was no Netflix or online streaming).  Movies did not cost an arm and a leg.  I really wanted one of the brightly colored clamshell Macbooks (Felicity has one so I had to have one - remember that show?).  iPod's weren't around either - I was still making mixed CDs on my computer.

Ahh, the times of my youth.  It scares me that my niece (who is only 4.5) already knows how to use an iPhone and will never know a time when we weren't all glued to them.

Check out the video here and tell me what your favorite memories of 1999 was.

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