Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hump Day

I debated about what to post yesterday.  Do I do a normal post?  And what should I post today?  After some serious debate, I decided not to post anything yesterday and to continue with a (mostly) regular post today. 

My heart aches with the city of Boston and all those affected by the tragedy, but I thought people might like a bit of normalcy in what is a crazy time.  While what happened is horrific, watching the first responders and the outpouring of support and kindness reminds me there are good people in the world.  I had many friends at the race and all were okay.  I hope all your friends and family are safe.  And there is never a better time but today to hug and kiss the ones you love.

Now onto my regularly schedule post of completely non-important items...

It's officially been a little over 1 week since registration opened for Disney Marathon weekend and already the 10K, 5K and Dopey is sold out (10K sold out in like 7 hours or something) and the remaining races are all over 50%.  I cannot believe how quickly Dopey sold out.  There are lots of crazy people apparently (myself included).  I wonder how many spots there actually are?  The rest of the (non-sold) out races seem to have slowed down on the registrations.

I am glad the marathon is the lowest number.  I am trying to convince my friend Kasey to come and do the marathon with me (it would be her first).  So I'm hoping it stays open so she can be convinced to do it (she did suggest that she was inspired to do a marathon after Monday and I am trying to convince her to do Disney).

I was supposed to do some speedwork this morning, but I completely slept through my alarm (not turned it off and went back to bed).  I have no recollection of the alarm going off and just happened to roll over 15 minutes after I need to be up to get to work on time.  Fortunately, my internal clock knew something was wrong and woke me up.  Fingers crossed I get out of work on time to get it in before it's too dark outside.

I am sure the park will be crowded, but it's a crowd I love being part of.  I will definitely sport a race shirt (blue or yellow if they are clean) for Boston tonight.

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