Monday, January 20, 2014

Race Recap: Walt Disney World 10K

Don't miss my recaps of the expo and 5K!  All below photo's are from my iPhone.  I am waiting for them to finish identifying all the professional photo's and then I'll share those as well!

Walt Disney World 10K
January 10, 2014

Day 2 of waking up early was still not too hard.  The alarm went out at 3am and Pam and I quickly got ready and were leaving the room for a bus by 3:30am.

The ride to expo was easy, very little traffic heading in.  I quickly made my way through security (lines weren't too long, but I anticipated that wouldn't be the case for the half and full - and I was right).

Like Thursday for the 5K, Pam and I claimed a spot by baggage claim and relaxed until it was time to go to the start.  Abby met up with us - dressed perfectly as Daisy Duck!  Her costume was so cute, I am totally going to use it some day.

At around 5 am, it was time to check the bags and head to the start.  They used the same start line as the 5K, so it was a short walk.  I wished Abby and Pam good luck and headed to my corral.  Like the 5K, I was in Corral A.

I made friends with some other Dopey participants in Corral A and waited for the race to start.  Minnie came out to say hi and off we went!  They started the race with fireworks, which is always one of my favorite parts of Disney races.

The course started with an out and back on the highway near Epcot.  Just past the 1 mile marker, there was a pretty sharp right turn.  It was basically a u-turn to turnaround and go back.  While on the highway back towards Epcot, they had a giant video screen and music playing.  It was a nice distraction to break up the highway!

Similar to the 5K, I wasn't doing this for time, but I didn't want to spend too much time waiting for photo's.  They had Peter Pan and Wendy on the highway, but the line was pretty long so I didn't stop.  We had back into Epcot in a similar way to the 5K but this time we entered between Norway and China.

The course did a loop around the showcase and then head out of the park at Friendship Gate (the back entrance into Epcot) and took a left over the bridge to Boardwalk.  Sports Goofy was there, but had a crazy line so I skipped him.  We left Boardwalk and started heading back towards Epcot past Yacht and Beach Club resorts.

The course took a left before Friendship Gate and into the back side of Epcot.  We re-entered Epcot in the Land (same spot we did for Wine and Dine) and headed towards Spaceship Earth.  I stopped here for a photo with Chip and Dale as they had no line!

We went past the ball and out of Epcot and towards the finish line.  After finishing, I made my way through the chute, picking up my 10K medal, getting some gatorade and water and my 2nd Dopey bracelet.

On the whole, I liked this course.  I do wish that instead of almost 3 miles on the highway, we headed towards Hollywood Studio's more, but I know that walkway (by the water) is pretty narrow, so not sure how they'd do an out and back there.

2 races done, 2 to go!

Official: 6.2 mi, 1:06:13, 10:40 pace
Garmin: 6.3 mi, 1:06:14, 10:31 pace

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