Friday, January 17, 2014

Race Recap: Family Fun Run 5K

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Family Fun Run 5K
January 9, 2014

The weekend for Dopey kicked off on Thursday with the Family Fun Run 5K.  This was only my second Disney 5K (the first being the 5K at last years Princess).  The course was the same as that 5K, so I knew what to expect.

We arrived for the start, a little bit before hand (super annoying with the buses).  We scoped out a place to sit for a bit and met up with another friend running Dopey.  Before we knew it, it was time to head to the start.  Bag check was quick and smooth.

There were only 5 corrals for this race so they were pretty big.  They announced before hand the race was 10,000 total and 7,000 were Dopey, so the race was mostly Dopey folks.

The race started on time and off we went!  Since this was only day 1, I was planning on taking it really easy.  The course heads around the Epcot parking lot and towards Epcot through a back way.  You get to run under Test Track which is pretty cool!

We entered Epcot between Mexico and Norway and heads for a loop around World Showcase.  I was only going to stop for a photo if the lines weren't too long.  They had some characters out, but the lines were insane (especially the one for Dopey).  Some runners said they waited for close to 30 minutes for that one - too long for me!

After crossing the bridge into England, we took a sharp left and then headed to the backstage area behind England and quickly came back out on the other side of England (by the phone booths if you know Epcot) and started to make our way to Spaceship Earth.

I did stop and get a photo of myself in front of Spaceship Earth, which is one of my favorite photo's of the race.  I seriously loved my Incredibles outfit.

Ms. Incredible in the house!
Before I knew it, we were heading out of Epcot and towards the finish line.  They use the same one all 4 days, so I'd be seeing a lot of it!  After crossing, I made my way towards the medallions and then to the Dopey bracelet line.  This was a bit of a disaster as the line was crazy long and seemed pretty unorganized.  They made it better for the next 2 days though.

5K Medallions waiting for their finishers
I have to say, I love the 5K medallion (Pluto is one of my faves).  It's just so cute!

Official: 3.1 mi, 32:56, 10:37 pace
Garmin: 3.18 mi, 32:56, 10:22 pace

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