Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Disney Marathon Weekend Merch!

It's here!  The Disney Parks Blog finally posted a preview of the merchandise for this weekend!  No previews of Dopey stuff yet, but I am hoping (fingers crossed) they have some good stuff!  They want to keep it a secret for some reason.  Let's take a look at some of the products (there is more stuff on the full preview, this is just want I like!  See it all here). 

First up - I love, love, love the Sweaty Bands!  I am going to try and control myself, but there is a chance, I might by one for every race.  I can't help it.

I like the "I Did It" shirts and without a doubt I will be buying the Dopey one.  I also foresee a magnet and Coast to Coast shirt coming home with me.

If you remember, I have an obsession with both water bottles and coffee mugs, so I see both of those coming home with me (if they have Dopey versions).  I think I'll pass on the barware, I have to so many wine glasses at this point, I am running out of room to keep them (although, don't be surprised if one does come back with me).

I really like the jackets and if there is a Dopey one in my size, I can imagine me getting this.  Thank god I have my spending money already!

What do you like?

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