Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So since I feel asleep before hitting publish last night, you get 2 posts today!  I know, you are all very excited.

When we were in Providence for the half, they had an event called Waterfire going on.  It takes place on 12 nights throughout the year.  It started as an art installation and has grown each year.  It's slightly hard to explain (we did not know what it was when we went), but I will give you my description of it.

It takes place at sundown and they lite torches alongside the river that runs through Providence (yep, don't know the name).  Following the torches, they lite basin's located on the river.  Then a ton (ok, so I am exagerrating, maybe 50) different canoes and kayaks with light up koi fish attached to them take to the river.  It's an interesting sight and was quite pretty.  They keep the fires going in the basins until midnight.

I am glad we went when I was there, but I don't know if I would make a special trip just to see it.  But, if you find yourself already going to Providence for something, see if there is a Waterfire going on!

You can learn more about Waterfire (including a proper description) on their website.

Here are some photo's from the event to give you a better idea (all photo's are mine unless otherwise noted).

Getting started
The basins lining the river
With the "koi" fish

Photo courtesy of my friend Michelle

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