Wednesday, October 2, 2013

RnR Providence Expo

So this past weekend, we headed to Providence for the Rock n Roll Providence Half Marathon.  This is my 3rd year doing the race - it's a gorgeous course and a nice weekend away!  I did the race as part of my long run, so no racing for me.

We headed to the expo first thing on Saturday morning - mainly because Pam had only packed 1 shirt and if she wanted to run on Saturday (which she did) she'd need another.  We figured we'd get in before the crowds and get out.

We arrived about an hour after the expo opened.  It was empty (such a nice change from Philly when it was packed).  We got our numbers easily and headed to the race merchandise.  I wasn't really feeling any of the official clothing so I passed on that.  There was no 'Run Happy Island' set up this time, which I thought was weird.

The expo it's self was pretty small, but we still made our way through it.  I picked up a box of my favorite pre-race PowerBar Energy Blasts (cola only, it's the best flavor by far).  It was $20 for a box of 12 which comes to $1.66 each.  I usually pay about $2.50 each so it was a good deal.

Everything else was pretty much standard fare.  They had Clif Bar samples and the typical booths you see at expo's.  But then, we discovered our downfall (aka the greatest find ever).  Marathon Sports, a store based in the Boston region, was having a great expo sale.  Items 1 & 2 at 40% off, 3 or more all 50% off.  Usually when a booth/store has an offer that good I never find anything I want to buy.  This time was different.  Both Pam and I picked up some good finds.

The booth was nicely stocked with high quality items.  I got all Moving Comfort and Brooks items.  For 50% off!

They had these great tank tops from Moving Comfort - super soft fabric and a cute crisscross in the back.  I picked up 2 - one grey and one teal.

They also had a t-shirt in the same material in a pretty pink that I snagged.

Next up, I got a great purple heather long sleeve light weight pullover.  I debated on this one because I have other similar tops, but in the end I got it.  I think this is going to become a travel top actually (and not worn for running).  It's super light weight and rolls up pretty small, so it would make a great top to keep on me in Disney when it gets a little chillier.

Rounding out the tops is a great find that both Pam and I picked up for a future costume.  It's a nice lightweight tank top from Brooks.  Anyone guess what Disney character we are thinking of?

I also picked up 2 pairs of shorts and a really cute pink skirt.  I didn't really need the shorts, but I loved the colors and couldn't resist at 50% off.

Plus to top it off, I got 2 free Sweaty Bands with my purchase.  I picked up a skinny teal sparkly one and a skinny purple sparkly one.

It turned out to be a great deal and an excellent way to end the expo.  Can't wait to start wearing all my new gear!


  1. Pam and her packing :)

    I'm so bummed there wasn't a Run Happy Island- what?! Super jealous of those deals, though. Nice!

    1. I know - it was definitely strange!