Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2 on Tuesday

The NYC Marathon is this week and even though I am not running it, marathon fever has over taken the city.  This week 8 years ago was one of the reasons I started running in the first place.  One thing I love about the marathon is that companies actually make custom items for it.  Case in point - the above Asics sneakers.  The are special colors and have NYC 2013 on the heel.  And they are my Asics and (even though I am not running the race) I really want them.  I am due for a new pair soon....

I have been cooking a lot lately.  Not only is it cheaper for my wallet, but it's also healthier for me.  I have found that I just feel better when I don't eat processed foods (I'm not giving them up completely) but I just feel better overall so I am trying to reduce how much I eat them.  Last week I made this delicious soup - Stuffed Pepper Soup.  It was so yummy and quite easy!  Get the recipe here.

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