Thursday, October 31, 2013

Disney Marathon Weekend Medals

Happy Halloween everyone!  I have no big plans for Halloween (I'm not even dressed up at all), just grabbing dinner with a friend.  It was entertaining today on the subway with everyone in their costumes (there was guy in full Walter gear from Breaking Bad that was pretty good).  Did anyone dress up as anything really good this year?

I've been meaning to get this post up for a while, but other things keep getting the way.  But since they announced the Princess medals last night and I figured I should share the Marathon medals before I share the Princess ones.

The marathon medals were first revealed during the Disneyland Marathon weekend.  As I mentioned, the expo was insane and the runDisney booth was no exception so I didn't get to examine them too intensely.  But runDisney shared a photo of all the medals on their blog about a month ago so I could get a better look at them.


At first glance (back at the expo), I wasn't too thrilled with them medals.  I love that the 5K is Pluto (he's always been one of my favorites), but otherwise they all seemed nice, but not too special.

But, the more time I've spent looking at them, the more they have grown on me.  I like that they are similiar and they get bigger in size from 10K to Marathon.  I like the colors on Goofy (obviously, since they are 'Cuse colors!).  I also really like that the Dopey medal is different from all the others and has more color in it.

I know not everyone loves them (and let's be real, they are never going to please everyone), but I've really grown to like them.  Can't wait until they are all mine in January!

What are your thoughts on the Marathon Weekend medals?

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