Monday, October 7, 2013

Training recap week of 9/30 (Dopey Week 4)

Another week of Dopey training come and gone.  Similar to last week, this week included my longest run since Montreal.  Even though it was my longest run in over a year, it went really well and I felt great during it.  This week also marked my first ice bath in a loooong time.  It was painful, but necessary.  I have a feeling they will become an important factor in my training (and more importantly, my recovery).

Remember last week how I said how fall was here?  Well, apparently I jinxed us because it was 80ish degrees and crazy humid all week.  I hope fall comes back soon.  I should not be running my AC in October.

Scheduled: Rest or Cross Training
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 3 miles easy pace (10:44 - 11:44)
Actual: 3.00 miles, 33:03, 11:01 pace

Scheduled: 6 mile tempo run (9:44)
Actual: 6 miles tempo, 6.33 miles total
Paces: 9:42, 9:41, 9:37, 9:36, 9:36, 9:41

Scheduled: 3 miles easy pace (10:44 - 11:44)
Actual: 3.01 miles, 31:57, 10:37 pace

Scheduled: Rest 
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 5 miles long run pace (10:29)
Actual: 5.04 miles, 51:00, 10:07 pace

Scheduled: 15 miles long run pace (10:29)
Actual: 15 miles, 2:28:06, 9:52 pace

Again similar to last week, my long runs were a bit faster then they should be.  I kept trying to tell myself to slowdown on my run on Sunday, but it clearly didn't work.  I felt good the whole time and didn't even feel like I was pushing it.  Guess this is what happens when you get faster?

Total miles: 32.39
Total October miles: 32.39

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