Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New sneakers

The time has come for me for to retire these bad boys:

My loves
My awesome custom Nike Pegasus 28's.  As much as I love them, the time as come for them to be moved to the gym pair category and to get some new kicks.

They came out with a new version of my Pegasus' so I wanted to try them on first.  It's also been years since I tried other sneakers and wanted to make sure I didn't like anything better.

I went to the Upper West Side Jack Rabbit.  The women who helped me was very nice, but I felt like she wasn't all that knowledgable about what makes the sneakers different (I love Jack Rabbit and have never had this problem before).  She was helpful, but when I asked the difference between sneakers she never gave a definitive answer (for example, I asked what the difference between 2 neutral shoes from the same brand and her answer was one is nicer then the other - not sure what that means).

After trying on a couple of shoes, I ended up going with the Pegasus' again.  Unfortunately, they only had the Breathe version in my size.  She told me they were "the same", so I went with it.

Nike Pegasus 29 Breathe
Unfortunately, after running in them for 2 runs, I can confirm they are not the same.  Now, it might be the 29 vs. the Breathe type, but they felt completely different.  The arches were in different spots and the right heel kept slipping off.  Definitely not what you want on a run.

Old (L), New (R)
After doing some research online, they do seem like different shoes.  The descriptions other websites use to describe them are completely different which leads me to believe they are not the same.

I thought you needed another picture of sneakers.
So they will be going back to Jack Rabbit and I will be trying again.  I am really hoping it was just the Breathe style and not my beloved Pegasus.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. I have a hard time looking for new shoes. I'm so in love with my current pair that when I heard they were being phased out, I bought a second pair for the future. :)

    1. It's so frustrating! I wish I had known my shoes were being phased out and I would have stocked up on some backups!