Thursday, February 6, 2014

runDisney Princess Weekend Race Updates

Before I dig into the upcoming Princess weekend, the Bake Sale for Noah has been extended to 5 pm today!  There's still time to bid on some delicious goodies!  Click here to check it out and make a bid!

With just 2 weeks to go before Princess, runDisney has been busy releasing all the important information for the weekend!  The official program guide was just released.  You get a printed copy at packet pickup, but it's always good to review before hand (check it out here).

But perhaps the most important information is the corrals (and waivers with your number).  My number is 20259 which puts me in Corral B.  But I'm going to do the half with my cousin who is a couple of corrals back, so I'll drop back to run with her for that race.  If you still need your waiver, you can get it here and check out the Half corrals and Glass Slipper corral placements.

They also released the course maps for all 3 races (5K, 10K and Half).  No surprises on any of those maps as they are all the same as they were for Marathon weekend (as I assumed they be).  But if you'd like to see them with the pretty Princess weekend colors, I've included them below.

5K and 10K
Half Marathon
Given the number of people who do all the Disney races, I do wish they'd change up the courses for events.  It does get a bit repetitive!

Anyone else doing any of the Princess races?  Which corral are you in?


  1. I'm with you! I would LOVE a change of scenery and some new courses in runDisney events! I'm in Corral D -- congrats on B, that's awesome! :) I'll be doing Glass Slipper; Princess was my very first half marathon last year, so it's a really special race for me. Can't wait! :)

    1. Apparently they were going to do a different course for Princess the first year (it didn't go through the castle), but it didn't end up happening (they just used the same WDW course). Good luck!