Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2 on Tuesday

I love the new Disney movie Frozen.  I took my niece to see it over Thanksgiving and went a second time back in early January.  So, there was no need for me to see it a third time... but when they announce the sing-a-long version, I knew I had to go.  It was really fun (and I learned I had been singing some of the songs with the wrong words) and listening to all the little kids sing-a-long was just adorable.  If it's in a theatre near you, I recommend seeing it.  It was lots of fun!

The Super Bowl was this past weekend here in NY/NJ.  New York is already pretty full of tourists, so an additional influx of people did not make me super happy.  I avoided most Super Bowl things (no toboggan run for me at Super Bowl Boulevard), but when the opportunity arose via my friend Sean to go to the ESPN Super Bowl party, I jumped at the chance.  How often does one get to go to ESPN's Super Bowl party?  Please Robin Thicke was playing and we were only like 2 rows from the front.

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