Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2 on Tuesday

This Winter Olympics started this past weekend.  If you remember from when the London Olympics were going on, I have a deep love of the Olympics.  I've never been to a Winter one, but it's on my bucket list.  All I've done since this past weekend is watch the Olympics.  I thought the Opening Ceremonies were interesting (to say the least).  I loved certain parts of it (the ballet section) but found some sections puzzling (uh, I think you glossed over some historical points there Russia).  Either way, I am happy the Olympics are back!

If you watched the Today show on Monday, you may have seen Matt and Al visit the magical place that is the Holland House.  This is not a made up location, it's real and I've been there (to the one in Athens).  The Holland House is sponsored by Heineken and open to everyone (although in Athens when it got crowded, they'd only let in those with Dutch passports and their guests or those with Athens credentials, so we could always get in).  It was always a fabulous time with music, beer and lots of craziness (usually upped after the Dutch medaled in something).  After Matt and Al visited, I was reminiscing with some fellow interns about the Holland House.  Let's just say we spent many of an evening at the Holland House.  They even had a store and I purchased the above track jacket.  The patch says 'August 2004' and Athens, Greece.  Definitely a good keepsake!  I busted it out this week in honor of Sochi.

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