Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2 on Tuesday

I made the mistake of having a personal trainer session yesterday.  I had bought a 30 day gym membership Groupon since the weather has been so crappy.  It came with a free training session and I didn't want to pass that up.  It was a great workout, but now... I can't walk.  Maybe not the best idea with Glass Slipper this weekend.  Ooops.

I love Marshall's.  I was there over the weekend looking for a top for one of my Princess costume and while I didn't find it (I seem to do better when I am not looking for anything specific), I did find these 2 tops.  The one on the left is a super soft lightweight wicking fleece.  It has a high collar as well.  If the winter does continue like this, I figure this will get worn a lot.  I had no need for the pink one, but it was only $10 and so cute!  It's the same cute and material as the top I wore in Montreal and I loved it.

The Winter Olympics are making me want to watch Cool Runnings again.  It's one of my favorite movies (how can you not love it) and the Jamaicans have a bobsled team again!  Might have to watch it after Princess.

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