Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Race Recap: Tower of Terror 10M

This post is seriously overdue!  Since you probably don't remember, here is the link to my expo recap from Tower of Terror.

Tower of Terror 10M
October 4, 2014

This race was so long ago, that honestly, I don't even know where to start with the recap.  I'm sure at this point I've forgotten some points, so I'll just try and share what I do remember.  And pictures!  Can't forget the pictures!

The race starts right outside Hollywood Studios.  The weather was excellent for the race, not too hot, which was something I was worried about.

Similar to the morning races, we had to walk a bit to get to the start line, so we got in the corrals early.  I was in Corral A and made some friends while killing time.  Gotta love runners!

The start line was decorated and they had a DJ there to help keep the runners entertained. 

The race started promptly on time and since I was in Corral A, I didn't have to wait long.  The course is a pretty simple out and back from Hollywood Studio's to Animal Kingdom and back (but you don't actually go into AK).

The first character stop was on the to Animal Kingdom was Jafar.  No line, so I stopped for a quick photo!

After a quick jaunt though the AK parking lot, we headed back towards Hollywood Studio's (via World Wide of Sports).  They did have the hyena's from The Lion King out and I stopped for a photo, but it didn't come out.  The night races do have issues for me with the flash.  I never knew how to set the flash. 

Next we saw the Red Queen from Alice. 

Causing trouble?  Who me?

Continuing along the way to WWOS, we next saw Dr Facilier from Princess and the Frog.  Some issues with the flash again!

Freaking flash picture

Heading on the dirt trail into WWOS wasn't too bad.  I know in the past people had said it was dark, but I thought they had it well lite.  Glad to hear they heard the runners feedback!

On the way there, they had out Captain Hook and the Hag.  Love Captain Hook and you never see the Hag out, so had to stop for them!

Need a hand?
Can I have a bite?

Inside WWOS they had a good variety of characters out, so that was nice!  Grave diggers, Stitch and the Big Bad Wolf.

Should I be scared?
Hang ten Stitch!
I'm not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!
After WWOS, the course takes us back to Hollywood Studio's for the finish.  The way back (right outside of WWOS) had my favorite photo stop of all - the zombies!

I'm not dead yet!
After that, it was only a couple of miles to the finish and a straight shot back to Hollywood Studios. 

The finish is right inside DHS in the shadow of Tower of Terror (fitting, right?).  Right as I finished (before I got my medal even), one of the runDisney folks noticed my costume and was like - 'Your late for your shift, what are you doing?'.  People seemed to enjoy my costume! 

I collected my medal and headed to the recovery food, baggage claim and on to the after party!  More to come on that!

Overall, I really liked this race.  The course is fun and it was packed with character stops.  Since I was in Corral A, they were never too crowded for me (same with the course) and I was able to get photo's easily.  Plus, I can't resist a medal that glows in the dark!

Official: 10.0 miles, 1:33:58, 9:24 pace
Garmin: 10.18 miles, 1:33:54, 9:13 pace

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