Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2 on Tuesday


While at the WDW Expo, I stopped by the runDisney booth to check out the Princess medals in person.  I liked them when they were first shared and like them even more now that I've seen them in person!  I love the Enchanted 10K with the snowflake and of course the Princess one!  You couldn't tell in the original photo by runDisney, but the medals are actually silver, not gold.  I think that touch works well with the Frozen theme.  Just about 4 weeks until these are mine!

via runDisney Facebook page

This past weekend was the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend in Disneyland.  I have to admit, I didn't get too excited about this race when they announced it.  I liked the movies (and I've actually never seen the newest 3), but I didn't love them.  It's been a long time I last saw them and my taste in movies has changed a lot since then, so I should probably re-watch them all.  I think I'd like them more now... Anyway, I obviously didn't do the race, but I did have a little bit of FOMO watching everyone at the race this weekend.  Everyone seemed to love the race course and the characters out looked like so much fun.  Hopefully I'll be able to do this race one day!


  1. Star Wars Half was SO much fun. I'm not a huge SW fan, but the race was so entertaining!

    1. That is what I am hearing - it looked like sooo much fun!