Monday, October 15, 2012

Power 90: Week 1 Recap

In case you missed my multiple posts last week (where I declared 1 thing and then immediately changed my mind), I am embarking on a new fitness routine - Power 90.  It's by the creator of P90X, but less intense and more manageable (in my opinion).  With the first week down, thought I'd do a quick recap of how it is going.

6 days of workouts alternating between a strength workout and cardio/abs, with 1 rest day

I am proud to say I have completed all 6 days!  Originally, I had planned to do all 6 in a row with today (Monday) as my rest day.  But since I had a wedding Saturday night and was hurting yesterday, ended up taking yesterday off and doing the last 1 today.

Still definitely need to eat better, but I tried to eat better this week.  I did pretty good until Sunday when my massive hangover required lots of junk food.  Oops

One week in and I have to admit I do feel better already.  I just don't have that gross feeling anymore so that is good.  The first couple of days of getting up early to do it before work were tough, but it did get easier.

Overall a pretty good week.  I did also do a 6.5 mile run on Saturday since I am still in training.

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