Saturday, December 21, 2013

First day of winter?

Remember earlier in the week when I said it was snowing?  Well, today it was in the 50's for my run and tomorrow is going to have a high in the high 60's.  Say what?  Did I mention today was the first day of winter?

I have no idea what is going on with the weather.  It did feel weird to wear a short sleeve shirt today and I will most likely be wearing shorts on my run tomorrow.  I don't particular love cold weather, but even this feels weird to me.  It's supposed to get colder after tomorrow, but still.  We might even set a record high tomorrow.

And since it's the first day of winter, that means it's the winter solstice.  Remember how I felt about the summer solstice?  I feel the opposite about the winter solstice.  Despite the fact it's the first official of winter, I love the winter solstice.  Today is the darkest day of the year and from now on it will start staying lighter longer!  It will be a while before I run in daylight after work, but it's still happening.

Spring and summer are on their way!

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