Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2 on Tuesday

I am still sore from my race on Sunday.  I definitely did not stretch enough afterwards and I am still paying for it today.  Ouch.  Need to remember to stretch more, especially as Dopey gets closer.

While home this weekend, I made a last minute trip into Wal-Mart (not on Black Friday, I'm not insane!).  I went in with 1 thing on my mind.  Cheap sweatpants to be used as throwaways for Dopey.  And I scored with the above 3 (I already have a pair I can use for the 4th race).  Each pair was less then 5 dollars, which in my mind is totally worth it to stay warm on race morning.  Still need throwaway tops and gloves.  Also need to get going on my costumes!  We leave 5 weeks from today (eeks!).

You might remember from my race recap, but they were out of shirts by the time my aunt and uncle picked up my number.  Which is super annoying.  Register in advance, get the shirt in the size of your choosing.  Register at expo... don't get a shirt.  Okay, mini rant over.  I have to admit, I was a little surprised when the shirt actually showed up this week.  I kinda thought it was a lost cause.  It's a nice one too, so in the end I'm glad it came.  

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