Sunday, December 1, 2013

How is it December already and some Sunday rambles?

Holy cow, folks, how is it December already?  I feel as though the year just started.  I can't believe it is almost over already.  I am so not ready for Christmas yet.

I am heading back to NYC as I type this (love free wi-fi on Amtrak).  It's been a busy trip home with lots of running.  I ran a 5 mile race today and (spoiler alert) had a great race with a new 5M PR at a 7:53 pace!  That's right - sub 8's!  I'll have a full recap soon (after a Wine and Dine recap, Philly Half recap and Turkey Trot 5K recap) I promise!

Yesterdays long run went well.  I went out despite the temps and got my 12 miles in.  The trail turned out to be beautiful.  It was a paved 2.5 mile path (5 miles round trip).  There is a tiny stream running next to it as well.  I bet in the summer it's beautiful.  Mostly flat, just a couple of tiny hills.  I did attempt some trail running towards the end, but mostly to see something (you'll see below).  Will definitely be putting this trail to use in the future!

View on the trail
As I said, I attempted a little bit of actual trail running (off the paved path).  Mostly because I could see a little bit of the below from the trail and I wanted to see it up close!  Was the stone remains of an old house.  One of the benefits of living in an older area!

I followed up my run with a trip to Wawa for some coffee and a breakfast burrito.  I seriously love Wawa coffee.  If I could finish all runs with some Wawa coffee, it would make winter running so much easier!  The burrito was even more delicious then normal.  I may have sat in the car in the parking lot and eaten the whole thing.

Wawa coffee, a thing of beauty
Happy December everyone!

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