Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2 on Tuesday

Happy Christmas Eve!  I can't believe it is Christmas already - this year has flown by.  More terrifying is that in just two weeks, we'll be heading to Disney for the Dopey Challenge.  Yep, just 2 weeks.  Let's move on from that since it gives me a little panic attack.

My boss gave me a great Christmas present that included a jar of Biscoff spread and maple bacon candy.  I cannot wait to make something delicious with the Biscoff spread!  The cookies are my favorite part about flying and I had already pinned a bunch of stuff to make involving Biscoff!  I know what I'll be doing over Christmas vacation!

I was at TJ Maxx this past week (looking for some pieces for my upcoming costumes) and I scored this excellent pair of Brooks glittens (gloves and mittens, yes I just made that word up).  They are gloves that have mittens that pull over and have finger holes so you can use your phone.  I had been needing some new winter running gloves and these will work perfectly.  Score!


  1. Was it at the UWS one? I was totally there and saw them but didn't know about the finger-holed gloves. I bought a pair of nike ones instead.

    1. Yes, I was at the UWS one! The finger holes are on the thumbs. I wore them this week in the snow already and they were super warm!