Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2 on Tuesday

It's snowing.  Again.  If you are counting this makes for 3 snowfalls in a 1 week period.  This does not bode well for this winter.  I feel like I am in Syracuse again.  Except I can't wear sweatpants to work everyday like I could with classes.  I'm going to have to do tonights workout on the treadmill because it is really gross out and the temp is dropping.  I'm afraid it is going to be super icy in the park and it's not worth the risk so close to Dopey.  Anyway...

These are my absolute favorite item from Trader Joe's.  Oreo's with crushed peppermint in the filling?  How could they be bad?  I seriously wish they sold them all year long.  I may or may start hoarding them once they appear in store.  They are best cold, so put them in the fridge!  They also make for a delicious milkshake with some almond milk and vanilla ice cream.  Hmmm, now I want a milkshake.

I have a seriously love of brussel sprouts and butternut squash so this recipe was right up my alley.  Quinoa, roasted brussel sprouts and caramelized butternut squash.  So simple, yet so delicious!  I left out the pepitas and it was still excellent (only because my grocery store didn't have them).  I even made it for my works Thanksgiving potluck and it was a big hit.  I also discovered while making this recipe how to make my own brown sugar (I was out and too lazy to go to the store).  Just mix regular sugar and molasses (yes, I had molasses on hand).  I think I will be making this a lot!

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