Sunday, December 15, 2013

runDinsey Marathon Weekend Updates

We are just shy of 4 weeks out from Marathon weekend and runDisney were busy little bees this past week updating with lots of information.

The most important piece of information, of course, is the waivers and corral information.  I have to say, getting my number has made Dopey feel that much more real.  I mean, obviously, I know it's been coming and have been training hard, but eek.  Getting an official number means we are one step closer to race day.  Ahhhh!

Next in line of importance is the corral information.  As we saw with Wine & Dine, they have made the corrals smaller and there are a lot more of them.  My number puts me in Corral F.  I won't lie - at first I was annoyed at my placement.  Last year for the half I was in A!  But, I've come to grips.  Someone did a comparison of last years numbers to this year corrals.  The old 'A' is now A-C and the old 'B' is now D-F.  So being in F, is right wear I have been in years past (last year's A was the first, all other years I've been in B).

When they first, published the corrals online, they did not have the time requirements with it.  My corral puts me with a 4 hour marathon finishing time, which let's be real...I am probably not going to run a 4 hour marathon during Dopey (if it was a stand alone marathon, maybe).  So, while I may have been annoyed with it at first, I am okay with it now.  Being in F is also more in line with were I would be in non-runDisney races.

They also published all the course maps.  Up first - the 5K and 10K maps.

The 5K course is the same as the Royal Family 5K my mom and I did at Princess.  I do wish the 10K differed a bit more from the 5K.  Would have been great to run to Hollywood Studios and back instead of more highway.

The Half course is the same as it's always been (same as the Princess course).  I get why they don't change it, but I wish they did.  It does get a little repetitive each year (especially since I do Princess too).

And lastly, the big kahuna, the marathon course.  This is the same course they did last year for the 20th Anniversary, which had been changed since previous years.  I have never run the marathon, so I can't really say anything about.  If it's possible, I am both looking forward and not looking forward to running it (while it's in Disney, it's also still a marathon at the end of a 4 day challenge).

We are still waiting on the final race instructions and the official event program to be uploaded.  Once I think it is, the real freaking out will begin.

Anyone done the marathon?  What's the course like?


  1. So exciting! Truthfully, I expected you to be in one of the first few corrals based on your times. I like that you're embracing your corral- I know a lot of people have been up in arms about it. I can't believe that Dopey is right around the corner. I feel like it was just last month that they announced it. You're going to rock the challenge! :)

    1. Thanks Kim! I expected to be a bit higher up too, but now that I've had some time, I've come to grips with it. The smaller corrals really were nice at Wine and Dine, so I know the new system has been working. I can't believe it is here either!