Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 on Tuesday

Can we discuss how happy the above made me?  In fact, let's discuss how happy Justin's entire performance made me.  After seeing him live this summer, I can confirm he is the 'President of Pop' and his award was well deserved (side note, I also loved Jimmy Fallon's speech).  I love that he basically gave a mini concert during the VMA's.  And I was so excited that 'N SYNC joined him even if it wasn't for as long as I would like.  While, I didn't watch the rest of the VMA's (I DVR'd it just so I could fast forward to his performance), I did catch about 30 seconds of Miley's performance though - all I have to say is she is 1 umbrella away from a Britney style breakdown.

Speaking of 'N SYNC, Joey Fatone is going to be running the Dumbo Double Dare this weekend.  He ran Goofy in January and I actually saw him before the Half (see here) so I am kinda hoping I see him again before 1 of the races and complete the weekend.  Maybe his former bandmates will come and cheer for him?  I might die if they did.  No, seriously - if JT was there, I would probably faint (at least).

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