Monday, March 25, 2013

Training recap... well that didn't go as planned

So this post was scheduled to be a training recap for last week... and then I went and barely did my workouts (for the record I skipped Wednesday - Sunday, great job Sarah).  It was one of those weeks were life just got in the way.  So skipping the recap this week (fingers crossed next week goes better!).

Instead, I thought I share the news about the latest runDisney races - the Dopey Challenge.  They are adding a 10K to Friday morning (moving the 5K to Thursday morning) and then the Dopey Challenge is doing the 5K, the 10K, the Half and the Full.  Let me just say whoa.  That is a lot of running.

I haven't even started planning my race schedule for 2014, but Pam and I are tossing around the possibility of doing 10K and the half (like the Dumbo Double Dare but we don't get an extra medal).  Registration opens on 4/9, so I guess I have until then to decide.


  1. Meeeee too! I might just go for the 10k (Minnie is my nickname and fav character, I HAVE to) and volunteer for either the half/ full. Might as well squeeze one more trip off the annual pass, you know? Keep me posted!

    1. You have an annual pass? I am going to be emailing you to discuss as Pam and I were trying to decide if it makes sense to get on.