Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2 for Tuesday

I don't know about everyone else, but I am craving warm weather.  Sunshine, Toms, flip flops, sunglasses - I want it all.  The snow/hail/rain we got yesterday was not acceptable.  It is almost April people!

Anyway, this week I am talking about 2 of my favorite beauty products - both relatively new finds, but have already become indispensable.

I got a small sample of Tarte's Maracuja Oil when I purchased something else from Tarte.  I've heard of Tarte for a while, but honestly hadn't start using it until about a year ago.  Anyway, I got the maracuja oil so figured I would try it.  You apply before going to bed in place of a nightly moisturizer.  After I started using it, I noticed my skin was more moisturized and felt great.  And then on a visit home, my mom commented that my sun spots (yes, I have some on my face from the tanning beds years ago - stupid Sarah) looked lighter.  And they most definitely are!  I now swear by my maracuja/

I discovered this from QVC (I swear I am a telemarketers dream) and bought it because it was supposed to be super hydrating and they recommend using it on your hands.  I have the driest hands (especially in the winter) and when they get dry I pick at them.  This stuff really is super hydrating and has been doing wonders on the dry skin around my cuticles.  I've also been applying it liberally to any patch of skin that is dry!

Also, both items are all natural!

What beauty products are you loving lately?

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