Thursday, August 30, 2012

Standby Movies

Do you have some movies that you "have" to watch whenever they are on?  Or you have on your DVR for when you want to watch them?  Or you always end up watching your DVD copy?

I know I do.

As the summer TV seasons are drawing to a close and we are in a lull before Fall TV starts, I find myself turning to my "standby" movies more often.  In no particular order (and subject to change at anytime), here are my "standby" movies.  Please don't mock me for my choices :)

- National Treasure
- The Proposal
- Hitch
- The Notebook (for when I need a good cry)
- Star Trek (the new one)
- Blue Crush
- The Holiday
- He's Just Not That Into You
- When In Rome
- 27 Dresses
- Miracle

What are your "standby" movies?

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