Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things Seen on the Subway

As a loyal subway rider (gotta love it to get around!), I am constantly amazed at the things I see on the subway.  Thought I would start a label about "Things Seen on the Subway".  Not a set posting timeline, just whenever I see something crazy.  If possible, I will try and secretly snap a photo of said item.

As this is the inaugural post, I will also list some things I've seen on the subway before (including celeb sitings!).


Spotted this Saturday morning at 6:30am on the 96th St (1) stop: a women in a legit wedding dress.  No kidding.  She was waiting for the 1 in a wedding dress.  Alone.  At 6:30am.  No idea why.

Past things seen on the subway:

- Joshua Jackson (um, yay Pacey!) waiting for the 1 train at 50th street
- Connor Paolo (Eric from Gossip Girl, Declan from Revenge) on the 6 train, getting off at 77th street
- A man with a pig (not kidding)
- A full on sing along with street performers who got the entire subway car to sing Journey and the Beatles on 9/11 last year (which always reminds me why I love NYC).

More sitings to come!

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