Saturday, August 18, 2012


(Yes there should most definitely be a question mark in the title)

You have probably noticed there have not really been many posts lately about the marathon (which is rapidly approaching in approximately 5 weeks).  Well... that would be because this has not been my best training season.  In fact, I think I can honestly say this has been one of my worst.  I don't think there is 1 thing that contributed to it being bad, but a combination of a lot of things.  Let's review -

1. My training schedule
I tried a new training program this season.  One of the reasons I choose it was because in their "our story" section they take about coming to terms with a conservative running approach (not as fast, not as many miles, etc) and how well it worked for them.  I thought - this is awesome.  I am definitely a less is more running and I know this about myself.  I should have known it wouldn't work for me when after I put in my criteria and they had me running 9-10 miles on Tuesdays and 7 on Thursdays.  I can barely get in 10 on the weekends sometimes let alone 10 on a weekday.  But I persevered and tried to maintain to the schedule as best I could.  I should have known better.  After 2 months, I was completely burnt out.  With 2 more months of training to go.  I've taken to adjusting the workouts to fit me better, but I think the damage has already been done.  I actually don't like running right now.  Which is awesome considering how much running I still have to do.  Like I said - awesome.

2. My time
It has been so long since I started a new job (I was at my last place 5+ years) and I forgot how time consuming and stressful starting somewhere new can be.  I really like my job, but getting up to speed and feeling comfortable takes time.  And when my time is taken at work, training suffers.  So I've been skipping cross training days in order to get my designated runs in (see above).  Not good.  I need my cross training and I can feel myself paying for it in my runs.

3.  My diet
Let's just say when I am stressed, I don't eat healthy.  Not as in I eat a lot of crap, but I prefer comfort (i.e. fattening) foods.  And when I am busy, I want the quickest thing possible.  Suffice to say, I have been eating a lot of unhealthy food.  For example, instead of bringing something healthy or getting a salad, I've been getting Chipotle (comfort).  And I may or may not (translation: I most definitely did) eat chips and salsa for dinner one night this week (quick).  And when you eat like crap, you feel like crap and I most definitely feel like crap right now.

4. My body
I have no idea why, but my body is not liking training in the heat this summer.  I really seem to not be handling the heat well and it is showing up in my runs.  I have also been having some stomach issues when I run and as any running can tell you - is not fun.

Given all the above and my training season, I've really had to reevaluate my race.  I will still be doing it, but I am just going to be doing it for fun now and will try not to stress about my time.  I plan on joining the 10 minute pace group for the marathon and doing it with them.  That's the plan.  Fingers crossed!

I'm off this weekend to Providence for race #26 on the 30 by 30 goal.  Will let you know how it goes next week!

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