Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two for Tuesday

Another crazy day at work so keeping this one short and sweet.

Up first -
I love Tom's Shoes.  I won't lie - I was a big hold out for a while.  I didn't want to buy them just because everyone else was buying them.  But finally, I caved.  And oh my god - I wish I had earlier.  They are just so darn comfortable.  I wore them on both of my trips to Disney in January (Disney World and Disneyland) and my feet felt so great.  I have the army green ones and over the summer as red ones (solid red on the front with red and white strips on the back portion).  The ones above I really want for fall.

And then -
As summer is quickly coming to an end, it makes me want to spend more time outdoors.  And one of my favorite was to spend time outdoors is drinking.  I think I will need to be doing that more before it turns too cold.

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