Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday night ramblings...

So much swimming in my mind, so I thought it would be a good time for a Thursday night rambling...

1.  Registration for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend opened this past Tuesday and as expected, it sold out quickly-ish.  Dumbo sold out the quickest in like 30 minutes - completely unsurprising.  The 10K and 5K followed next.  But the Half took almost a day to sell out.  Much slower then in past years.  I'm guessing now that they've added the Avengers and Star Wars half there is less of a demand for the DL Half?  Kinda wish it would go back to the old days when you didn't have to register in the first 30 minutes of it opening.  I wish I could go again (I love this race!), but since I'm already going out for Tinker Bell, it's not really feasible this year. 

2. Disney Parks blog shared some of the merch for the Princess Weekend (1 week away!) and I have to say, I'm not a huge fan.  I like the front of both of the jackets - but that back design?  Not a fan.  Sorry, there is just no way I am going to wear that outside of Disney and those jackets cost too much to only wear it in Disney.  I do like the teal Princess tank and the Princess tumbler.  I am hoping they have a tumbler like that for Glass Slipper.  No Sweaty Bands designs released yet, but hoping they have some cute ones!

3. I don't understand why shoe companies feel a need to constantly change shoe designs.  From the time I found my current shoe (the Asics Nimbus 15) to now, they have come out with 2 designs.  They are now on the Nimbus 17.  Since I am a creature of habit and dislike change in my sneakers, I bought 2 pairs when they came out with the 16's.  Now those pairs are done and I am in need of some new sneakers.  So of course, I went online and found some 15s to order.  I am going to have to stock up before they are gone completely!

4. Is anyone out there watching Jane the Virgin?  I just started watching it over the holiday and I have to say I'm a fan.  It's really cute (definitely a little cheesy) and funny.  I am trying not to start watching too many new shows as I can barely get through the ones I do run - but this one is worth.  Do you know which show I won't be watching?  The Slap.  Seriously, it just does not interest me at all.

What's going on in your head?  Share some of your ramblings with me!

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