Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Training recap week of 11/17 (Philly Half Week 2)

Let's just say I'm already over winter.  It's dark at like 4:30 now and cold for almost all my runs.  This past weekend was the Philadelphia Half Marathon and (almost) the end of a fall full of travel.  So much travel on top of a busy couple of months at work do not lead to a happy Sarah.  After Thanksgiving this weekend, I will be home until Christmas which is much needed.

On that note, how is Christmas already a month away??  I realized it late last night and then had a bit of a panic attack that I haven't done any shopping yet.  Hoping to get a lot done while I am home this weekend.  Anyone else feeling like Christmas has sneaked up one them?  This year has totally flown by.

In terms of training this week, it was a bit of a down week with the race.  After the Baltimore Half Marathon, I thought possibly about trying to race and PR during this one, but it just wasn't my day.  I was feeling really exhausted from work and travel and my body just wasn't having it.  I promise a full recap is coming (as well as all the others I have pending, I promise!!!).

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 5 miles easy
Actual: 5.07 mi, 47:28, 9:22 pace

Scheduled: 5 miles easy
Actual: 5.00 mi, 48:01, 9:36 pace

Scheduled: 5 miles easy
Actual: Rest

Had a work function so I skipped this one.  Definitely needed the day off from running!

Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 2 miles shake out run
Actual: 2.00 mi, 20:52, 10:25 pace

Scheduled: Philadelphia Half Marathon
Actual: 13.24 mi, 1:59:14, 9:00 pace

Total miles: 25.31
Total November miles: 89.41
Miles until goal (1,250): 105.92

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