Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Two on Tuesday

Look - a Two on Tuesday post!  Things are finally getting back to normal.

Apparently it was National Ice Cream Sandwich day this past Saturday (who knew?) and fortunately, I got to try the Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich truck that day!  My love of ice cream is no secret and this truck with their custom and unique ice cream sandwiches did not disappoint.  The one I had was 1 chocolate chip cookie and 1 snickerdoodle cookie with salted chocolate ice cream in the middle.  It was AMAZING.  So good.  If you are in NYC and want some, you can find their location on Twitter.

A few weeks ago (before life got insane), I spent a Sunday afternoon down in the Lower East Side.  Abby wanted to visit the Tenement Museum and since the Tenement Museum has long been on my list of places to visit but I hadn't gotten yet, I was happy to join her.  If you haven't been, basically they took an old tenement and turned it into a living museum.  Some of the rooms are 'as is' (meaning as they were when the tenement was abandoned) and some have been re-created to show what live was like in the tenement during different time periods.  I found it incredibly interesting and made me very appreciate of my apartment and how lucky I am.  These apartments were small (like really, really small) and only had a couple of windows with no air filtration.  People worked and lived in them, sometimes 6-10 people at a time (I have no idea how they did that).  If you're ever in NYC and looking for a something to do, I highly recommend a visit to the Tenement Museum.


  1. Oh my goodness that ice cream sandwich looks/sounds amazing!!

    1. It really was - I wish I could have eaten a bunch!