Thursday, August 28, 2014

Race Recap: Battle of Brooklyn 10M

Battle of Brooklyn 10M
August 17, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I venture to Brooklyn to run the Battle of Brooklyn 10M.  I did this race last year and really enjoyed it.

The race took place in Prospect Park and started at 8am.  It's not too early of a start but when you have to factor in an hour long subway ride, it is!  Fortunately, the subway was pretty empty so I was able to get a seat and I had brought a magazine so the time passed quickly.

I had picked up my number before hand so when I got there, I was able to go right to bag watch and head to the start.  Based on my time on the subway, I didn't have much time to kill, only a few minutes. I dropped my bag in bag watch and headed to the start.

This is a small race, maybe 300 people?  I'm not very good at estimating so that number could be off.  The race started promptly at 8 am and off we went.

The course starts on the downhill in Prospect Park so my first mile was fast.  I remembered that from last year, but still had trouble pulling back.  The loop in Prospect Park is about 3.33 miles around, so the race is 3 full loops of the park.  There is a pretty lengthy hill on 1/2 of the park and the other half is a downhill.  I didn't mind the hill until the 3rd time around.  By then, I was ready for the hill to be over.

The race was crowded when it started, but thinned out pretty quickly as everyone settled into their pace.  Jack Rabbit had 2 water stations (with port-o-potty's) on the course with water and 1 section in the middle of the hill with water guns.  It wasn't too hot out, but the water still felt nice.

The weather was pretty strange race morning.  It was cool out and overcast at the beginning.  Then it misted for about 4 miles.  And then at about mile 8ish, the sun came out and it started to warm up.

I wasn't racing this one, just using it as a long run, but I was pretty pleased with how I felt during the race and with my pace.  Feeling ready for Disneyland!

The race was sponsored by Shake Shack and they had custard at the finish line.  There was a short line (that moved quickly) and I got my sugar fix... at 10am.  Man, I love ice cream.  It was delicious and a great treat the finish line.

Official: 10.0 mi, 1:35:30, 9:33 pace
Garmin: 10.05 mi, 1:35:31, 9:30 pace

Custard... yum.


  1. Ice cream at 10 AM is always awesome! :0) I remember one race last year, the finishers were able to get beer for free after the was a 10K and it started a 8 AM I believe so that is an early beer lol!

    Small races are always nice since they never get too crowded. Smart idea using it as a long run!

    1. Small races are a lot of fun and always have interesting components!