Monday, June 3, 2013

Training recap: Week of 5/27 (DDD / DLH Week 5)

Holy heat wave!  It was brutal out there this weekend.  I apologize for complaining about it not being warm enough out all spring (and if I didn't do it on the blog, I was doing it in my head).

I did have to swap a day this week due to my work schedule, but I still got in all 5 runs.  I also had to cut that one run short, but overall it was good week of running.  I was a little off pace on my long run, but the heat did me in.

Scheduled: Rest or Cross Training
Actual: Rest

Scheduled: 5 miles easy pace (10:09 - 11:09)
Actual: 5 miles, 51:50, 10:22 pace

Scheduled: Off
Actual: 2.5 miles, 25:39, 10:15 pace

Scheduled: 4 miles easy pace (10:09 - 11:09)
Actual: Off (swapped with Wednesday)

Scheduled: 5 miles easy pace (10:09 - 11:09)
Actual: 5 miles, 51:04, 10:13 pace

Scheduled: 4 miles easy pace (10:09 - 11:09)
Actual: 4 miles, 41:13, 10:23 pace

Scheduled: 6 miles long run pace (9:53)
Actual: 6 miles, 1:06:39, 11:07 pace

Total scheduled miles: 24
Total actual miles: 22.50
Total May miles: 82.96
Total June miles: 10.00

This upcoming week incorporates a sixth day of running as well as starting speedwork!  Been a long time since I did speedwork, but looking forward to it.

Hope you all had a good week of training!


  1. Looks like your training is going well. I'm amazed you have back-to-back-to-back runs!

    1. Thanks Kim! They are a bit rough to get used to, but figure I need them for both DDD and Dopey. I'm really trying to build up my base for Dopey.