Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy (belated) National Running Day (and why is New York trying to kill my spirit?)

So, I am a bad running blogger.  And a bad runner.  Not only did I not post on National Running Day, I didn't even go for a run.  I did go have dinner and drinks with a running friend - that counts, right?

I love National Running Day and think it's a great idea.  Was totally going to write a post but was busy at work and then exhausted when I got home from dinner.  Oops.  It happens.

I decided not to run (I did think about it) because Wednesday is my rest day and given how intense my schedule is, I didn't think it was prudent (SAT word - 10 points!) to add in a 7th day of running this week.  Plus after my speedwork on Tuesday night, I really needed the day off. 

On a totally different side note (i.e. the second part of the post title), sometimes I think NYC is trying to kill my spirit.  I am seriously.  Like tonight, I was coming home from work and turn the corner onto my block, took 2 steps and got sprayed by some teens with a garden hose.  I am not kidding.  They were hiding behind a set of stairs so I didn't see them.  I wasn't drenched, but I was definitely wet enough to let out serious of expletives.  Where did they even get a garden hose from?  I love NYC but it's stuff like this that sometimes makes me want to move.  Ugh, so annoying!  Sorry, I just needed to vent!

What did you all do to celebrate National Running Day?

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