Monday, March 3, 2014

Princess Half Expo

My trip to Florida started off very well - I got switched to First Class (the man/boyfriend/husband of the women sitting next to me was in first and they wanted to sit together so I switched seats with him.  In First Class - yay!) and my flight was on time.  It was a great way to start the trip!

After checking in to the hotel, we headed to the expo.  My aunt and cousin were arriving later, so my mom and I were picking up their stuff.

Fortunately, after the disaster that was the expo held at Coronado Springs, they moved it back to ESPN World Wide of Sports.  So much better.

We started off going to get our numbers.  There were no lines and it went very smoothly.  After that, we headed into the Josten's Center for shirt pickup, merchandise and the rest of the vendors.  But not before a photo with our footmen!

My mom got us all tiara's to wear!
After our photo opp, we headed to shirt pickup.  I have to say, I really loved the shirts this year!  The designs were so cute and I am a big fan.  Good job runDisney!  From there, we went to official merchandise.

Despite my best efforts, I did not walk out of the official merchandise empty handed.  I didn't buy any clothing though, so that counts right?

Pam already picked me up my Sweaty Bands, which was a good thing because I didn't see them (although since I already had them, I wasn't looking very hard).

And I got what I really wanted - my Princess ears!  My photo did not turn out well, but here's the photo from runDisney (I'll update with a better photo once I take one).

I also picked up 3 magnets.  I definitely did not need 3, but I couldn't decide between them!  I am going to bring one to work.  Apparently magnets are my new expo item - I got one at Wine and Dine, Dopey and now Princess.

I wasn't planning on getting another wine glass, but I just loved the design of the Half one.  Plus the back says 'Sorry Charming, Gotta Run'.  It is so cute!

Lastly, I got one of the Glass Slipper Challenge mini medals.  I got one for Dopey, so I figured I should get one for this challenge too.

After we were done at the official merchandise, we hit the rest of the expo.  We didn't spend too much time because my aunt and cousin were on their way to the hotel.  We did stop by and pick up the Lasting Commemorative postcard.  Otherwise, we were good and didn't buy anything.

Overall, I thought this expo was so much better than last year.  Moving it back to WWoS was definitely the better decision!
My (bib) Princess of choice this year!

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