Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2 on Tuesday

I have been back from Florida for almost a whole week and I still don't feel caught up on my sleep.  Works been crazy and just haven't got caught up yet.  Here's hoping this week allows me to do so.

The Tower of Terror 10M registration opened up recently (it's at 73% if you are thinking of doing it) and I am all registered! I am excited to participate in my first ever Tower of Terror.  I've heard great things about it and up until very recently, it's one of the few I haven't done.  I have to admit, I like the distance.  More than a 10K, but less than a half.

 If you are a runDisney fan, I'm sure you've heard by now that there is a new race (or you've been living under a rock).  It is the Avengers Super Hero Half Marathon.  It's going to be held in Disneyland the weekend after Wine & Dine.  I find the timing slightly odd - it's awfully close to W& D, don't you think?  I also can't believe it's going to be in 2014,  I thought it would have been sometime in 2015.  I've made no secret about my love of the Marvel movies, so I have a strong desire to do this race.  Registration doesn't open up until March 25th, so I've got some time to see if I can make it happen.

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