Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Disneyland Half Merchandise!

The Disney Parks blog shared a preview of some of the items they will have at the expo for sale.  I have to say, out of what was currently posted, there is not a ton I want.  Some of the items I want to see in person before I make any decisions.

I know I do want the Wine Glass, Plastic Tumbler (I love the fun straw!) and what looks like Sweaty Bands (top right in the below photo).

I am torn on whether or not I want an 'I Did It' shirt.  It looks like they made it tech this year, which part of me likes, but I also do like wearing the cotton 'I Did It' shirts as well.  I have so many tech shirts, do I really need another?

So far, I am not liking the sweatshirts or tech jackets.  It does not appear they posted a photo of the tech jacket for Dumbo, so I am waiting to see what the looks like (the below black tech jacket looks to be for the Half).  If I know myself at all, I am guessing I will probably pick up a tech jacket (I didn't get one when I did the inaugural Tinker Bell and I am still kicking myself) and possibly a sweatshirt for Dumbo.  The green one is growing on me the more I look at it.  While I probably won't get it (don't need more tech shirts), I do like the "Will Run for Peanuts" on the back of the one shirts in the bottom photo.

The post does mention pins (yay - they better have my Dumbo one!), vinylmation (do I dare start another collectible?) and Coast to Coast gear.  

You can check out the original Disney Parks post (which includes a 10K shirt for those interested) by clicking here.

All photo's via Disney Parks Blog

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