Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Streets - Week 3

This past weekend was the last weekend of Summer Streets for 2013.  I talked last week about how much I love Summer Streets.  I'm sure it's not possible, but I wish they could do it a couple of weekends each season (ok, really just Spring and Fall.  We can skip Winter).  It would be such a nice break from our normal running routes.

This weekend, we met in the Park at 72nd St on the transverse.  I was leading the 10:00 pace group.  We were heading to the West Side first, running down and then crossing over to Summer Streets at various points to get your mileage in.  Almost everyone in the group (except me) was running in the 10-14 mile range, so I decided to stay with them and just stop when I hit my mileage.

We went down the westside and crossed on Houston.  It was still pretty early so Houston wasn't too crowded.  We joined Summer Streets on Lafayette and head North again.  It was another packed morning on Summer Streets.  I am glad so many people take advantage of them even if it does make my run a little troublesome.

I dropped of the group just past Grand Central.  It was a little farther then I was supposed to go, but I love the part of Summer Streets were your run around Grand Central.  It's a fun portion of Park Ave.  After I left the group, I walked a couple of blocks and refilled my water bottle.  It was cooler then it had been but still pretty hot!  When I was heading to the subway, I past the Banana Boat station for Summer Streets.  They had a bunch of booths with prizes or suncare tips and some hammocks and beach chairs set up for relaxing.  As I was sweaty and gross, I did not partake.  I did however take a frozen chocolate covered banana they were handing out.  It was a yummy post run treat!

Overall, another successful round of Summer Streets and I cannot wait until they come back again next year!

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