Thursday, September 5, 2013

One Pan Pasta

I am still getting settled after my trip and getting caught up at work, I thought I'd share a recipe that's been hanging out in my drafts for awhile. Enjoy - I'll be back with race recaps soon! 


This was a recipe I found via Pinterest.  I saw it a lot showing up on my pinterest feed.  Since I love pasta and use my running as an excuse to eat it, I thought I'd give it ago.  Plus, the recipe came from Martha Stewart, so I knew it was a trusted source.

It didn't involve any crazy ingredients and since it was billed a 'one pan pasta', obviously did not involve any gadgets.  I prepared all the ingredients per Martha and added it all to the pot.  The ingredients were simple: linguine, tomatoes, onion, garlic, red-pepper flakes, basil, olive oil, salt, pepper, water.

In the pot it goes!
Bring it to a boil and just let it boil (stirring frequently - this is important or it sticks to the bottom of the pan) until pasta is al dente or water is all dissolved.

Took me a little longer then Martha said it would, but it still came together nicely.  The onions and tomato's softened and made a nice sauce for the pasta.  It made a ton, so I had leftovers for lunch for a couple of days (which reheated nicely!).

I did really like this recipe and will definitely make it again.  I like that it only involved 1 pot making clean up minimal!  The only thing I would change would be to add more tomato's.  I love cherry tomato's and would have liked more in the dish.  I also think it would make it more sauce like.  So next time I make it, I will double the tomato's.

Finished product
Visit Martha Stewart for the recipe by clicking here.


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